An Indian court has reacted with sympathy to the plight of a cat lover trying to score their favourite food during lockdown.

N Prakesh told the Kerala High Court via video link that he was denied a vehicle pass to drive to the Cochin Pet Hospital for a 7kg bag of 'Meo-Persian' biscuits for his three cats, who "cannot do without them". Prakesh said he was a vegetarian and had nothing suitable for his animals at home.


"Katmandu shopping?" "Nepal." "Pussy Lahore?" "Pakistan." "Delhivery man?" "Fine."

In his judgment, Judge A K Jayasankaran Nambiar said the enforcement of a lockdown period had brought its "fair share" of litigation, "reminding us, once again, that there can never be a lockdown of the judicial institution, and that its doors must always be opened to the knocks of hapless citizens".

And their pets. "We have conveniently forgotten that the human species is not alone on this planet and that there are other claimants to the bounty that nature has to offer", said Nambiar, who described how he and Judge Shaji P Chaly had been called upon to "respond to the desperate purrs of three felines".

Ruling that Prakesh's meaty pet food constituted an "essential item", the judges instructed him to carry a copy of their judgment with him on his expedition. It means masked police on the road to Kochi will soon be enjoying Nambiar's conclusion that "we are certain that our directions will help avert a 'CATastrophe' in the petitioner's home".

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ShootyMcShootyface 17 April 20 10:11

Across a few of these stories, your photoshop skillz are on point today. This one is particularly good. Respek.

Anonymous 17 April 20 14:11

Judge Nambiar clearly enjoyed writing that judgment...although like all of us he's showing signs that he's been locked in for too long ("CATastrophe"...ouch)

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