Curtain twitchers have risked ruining a young lawyer's career by wrongly accusing her of throwing an illegal lockdown party.

In order to protect her identity, RollOnFriday is not naming the lawyer or her firm.

Last week the associate's firm was contacted by someone claiming that she had flouted stay-at-home regulations to gather with other junior solicitors from the firm and with lawyers from another business for a drunken party on Saturday night.

In what would have been an extraordinary lapse of judgment, the lawyer even posted photographs of the allegedly prohibited knees-up on her private Instagram account. 


The new series of Crimestoppers is weird.

Publications including RollOnFriday were also contacted. But while we welcome the attentions of all tipsters, however malevolent, this one appears to have been mistaken. The lawyer explained to her firm that the snaps were taken in 2018, and had been reposted as part of a throwback theme celebrating more innocent times when people could drink shots out of each other's mouths without being arrested, shunned and potentially fired.

Not that lockdown parties are a myth. Drinkers in a Liverpool pub were recently caught swinging their pints around and chanting “fuck the coronavirus” to the tune of Seven Nation Army, an offer it may well take up with some of them.

If you've spied genuine naughtiness, perhaps partners touching files, write in.

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Robespierre 24 April 20 09:52

I applaud the person who dobbed her in. Better an innocent person suffers than a guilty one goes free. 

Not just curtain twitchers, this is social media "outrage" 24 April 20 13:02

Sounds like someone has a LOT of time on their hands ... or wasn't invited to either the 2018 or "2020" party? 

Social media 'outrage' = Poor cousin of the "gotcha" that passes for journalism


Venn Debtor 25 April 20 13:32

She's must have made an enemy - someone who reads (and maybe even follows) her instagram and knows where she works.


Detective Constable Dale Stinple 26 April 20 18:50

Look within 2 weeks everyone will be so sick of this they won’t be able to keep track of all the parties. If you want to party with free drinks, a massive sound system and party bags galore, drop a line to [email protected] for deets of a huge rave on 17 May

Spoiler: we don't and it won't 27 April 20 10:25

We hold all the cards.  This will be the easiest lockdown in history.

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