"I'm picking up a lot."

Litigation boutique Joseph Hage Aaronson is seeking a dogsbody to walk a partner's dog.

The entry-level position of "Personal Assistant and Dog Walker" at the London firm will provide the lucky candidate with private healthcare, the ear of senior management, and a chance to get out and about with a poop scoop.

The "down to earth self-starter who relishes variety" will enjoy a "predominantly non-desk-based role", and "run errands around London", according to the vacancy, which lists a salary of £30,000.

Duties include "General personal support", which will include "some caring of the principal’s small dog".

The role is full-time, 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Although, because this is City law, "the successful candidate must be willing to be flexible on occasion".

Naturally, applicants "Must have demonstrable experience looking after and walking dogs" and be "pet friendly".

dog ad

Welcome to the pawdroom (pawdroom).

In times of Covid, senior solicitors of advancing age and gut have much to fear from the virus, so offloading risky trips to Pret onto a keen youngster makes perfect sense, and represents a snip at £30k. It is not clear how the partner intends to fill 40 hours a week with errands and walkies. But how bad can it be?

JHA did not respond to a request to clarify the breed of the dog (King Charles Spaniel? Pug? Sausage?), but we’ve applied anyway.

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The Human 16 October 20 15:46

Thirty grand is not bad though - it's 3 x minimum wage... I kind of like the idea of being a courier with a dog. Exercise, the great outdoors and whatnot, and man's best friend and all that. Probably would like it less if I actually did it.

career changer 20 October 20 22:43

Will my Practicing Certificate and many post qualified years of experience be a setback for my prospects of landing this. Aside from having to communicate with the employers it sounds way preferable to my present role

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