RollOnFriday salutes the maverick firms that have made the illustrious list of Top 11 Bonkers Websites of 2018. It is a celebration of lawyers who have proudly revealed their inner creative child this year, no matter how unhinged or embarrassing that child might be. 

Defying legal marketing norms, these avant-garde lawyers opted to showcase their personality, often with alarming results. Here is the countdown of the best of bonkers this year:


11. Lawyers at a Canadian firm, Acumen Law celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day with a bum-clenching display of bad acting.



10. Staff at Proximity had to bring in pets, offspring and their PE kits.



9.  A law firm called itself Alpaca, which meant that it was left with no choice but to do this



8. Sonn & Partners proved the rule that lawyers can't pose with props without looking ridiculous. 



7. Knapps Lawyers proved the rule again.


Card guards

6. Linq Advocaten cast its lawyers as protectors of a pyramid of playing cards.


 5. Altaf Hussein of Addison Aaron duffed up a log outside a court and posted gems on LinkedIn. 


4. Staff at Woodford Stauffer tried to communicate a sense of fun by getting staff to adopt a slightly different position when the cursor was rolled over their face.



3. Blackadders recreated the Friends cast frolicking in the fountain with terrifying attention to detail.


Sajen legal

2. Australian law firm Sajen Legal created a comic about a vicious honeybadger superhero.



1. German firm Brandstadter & Schmittgen handed its entire website to someone pretending to be the office dog.


Well done Brandstadter, you did it. You really did it. If you've stumbled across a law firm's bonkers website, do tell RollOnFriday. 

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