The staff of EMG Solicitors have posed with a giant dog version of Spock for their profile photos.

It bought them immediate entry into the Bonkers Law Firm Website club. The oddness of their canine Star Fleet portraits is amplified by Spockdog's expression of deep, deep disapproval.

"Dammit Jim, he's a science officer not a seaside donkey!"

Richard presents his latest space-time billing anomaly.

Bad Spocky dog! Happy Spocky dog.

Spocky dog almost never set phasers to kill.

Finally, someone who speaks his language.

Eek, something's going wrong with the transporter beam.

Mind meld.

Richard has his own Spock dog at home (boxed).

Vulcan death grip.

Displays of emotion baffle Spock dog.

Biting not whispering.

The indignity of it all.

Yeah tell me off

Don't kink shame Spocky dog.

EMG's website is otherwise entirely normal. There is no explanation for the presence of Spockdog*. Perplexed, RollOnFriday called up the firm. It turns out that he is not the result of a Trek-obsessed managing partner. Nor is he a former Trek-obsessed Managing Partner preserved inside a fibreglass shell. In fact, the model was 'won' by the firm at a charity auction.

Well done EMG, just remember to bag up the Starlogs.

*Correction: no explanation other than this whole page


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Anon-y-mous 12 July 19 11:26

Am I the only one that finds all of these "look at how much personality we have" type websites cringey af?

Uhura 12 July 19 12:11

Imagine the horror of being told to pose with that thing, and specifically to think of something different from everyone else. 

Anonymous 12 July 19 16:34

Spockydog is a charming, docile, placid creature, but only if approached from his left.  If you approach him from his right, he will attack without warning.  He is red in tooth and claw.  I'm told that EMG buried 28 fallen comrades before this lesson was learned, and that is why in the photographs above, none of the survivors are on Spockydog's right.

Should transport beam out more 16 July 19 10:58

I see their webpage on Spockydog makes the grave error of referring to the late Leonard Nimoy's character as Dr Spock.  He was Mr Spock. 

Dr Spock was the child-rearing book guy (Benjamin Spock).

Anonymous 16 July 19 14:06

You forget.  He was awarded an honourary doctorate by the University of B'naganaga Thrutch in recognition of having eradicated the Degobar system of the scourge of parasitic Kardashians. It's a bit like when Swindon Adult Skills College awarded Donald Trump an honourary BTEC Foundation Diploma.

Anonymous 18 July 19 12:08

This is a section devoted to bonkers websites.  It does not hold itself out to be news.  You really are a very poor reader!

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