Ashurst has sacked a member of its global board for poor conduct.

The firm announced in a statement this week that Bernd Egbers, a partner in its Munich office, "has been asked by our board to leave the firm, as a result of conduct which is contrary to our values".

Ashurst said that the finance and banking partner's bad behaviour had "no connection with any client or client matter", adding that "given the interests of those involved, we will not be commenting further.”

As the firm refused to divulge the nature of Egbert's egregious conduct, it remains unclear which of its core values ( "collaboration, excellence, innovation, integrity and accountability") Egbert flouted.


"It was going so well until I did something which was either hostile, mediocre, regressive, untrustworthy, or reckless."

Egbert joined Ashurst in 2006, became a partner in 2009 and joined the board in 2016. He was the only board member who was not a resident of the firm's London or Sydney offices.

A long line of naughty partners have been shown the door in recent months, at a variety of firms, on account of increased intolerance of bad behaviour in the wake of the #MeToo movement. One departed Hogan Lovells after he was filmed from across the street browsing smut. One was axed by Reed Smith for a sexual harassment "incident". One was dispatched from Capsticks for "inappropriate conduct with a colleague". One was flung from CMS for undisclosed reasons. One left Baker & McKenzie for alleged sexual harassment, and another was ejected from Clyde & Co for drunken strip club antics. Egbert is not the first German in the club, either. That honour went to 'Thomas E' from Linklaters, who was jailed for sexually assaulting a student at the firm's Octoberfest party.

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Anonymous 14 June 19 09:15

He hung on the port while all around him were empty of glass.  The Bishop of Norwich was mentioned, to no avail.  There were two final straws.  The first was when somebody was required to say to him 'You're hogging the port', and the second came when he passed it to the gentleman on his right.

Chuck 14 June 19 09:48

Can't stand firms listing "core values" because the fact they have to put it on a sign means they don't have it or are simply paying meaningless lip service. For gods sake, every firm should exhibit integrity. They fact you put it on a shiny document doesn't mean you have more than the next firm, it more likely means you've finally identified that you're sorely lacking in it and think this will address it.

Anonymous 14 June 19 10:26

Agreed, Chuck.  My eyes roll when I read a firm's or chambers' website describing themselves as 'Forward-thinking and progressive'.  As opposed to what?  Backward-looking and regressive?

DottoreS 14 June 19 11:39

The guy is well known in Ashurst's German team. He was made Partner despite of his history.The only thing which surprises is that it has taken them so long to sack him.

Anonymous 1 17 June 19 11:17

It’s being said that law firms are already interested in hiring him. DON’T DO IT - your female employees will thank you.

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