Capsticks has thrown out a senior partner for bad behaviour.

The partner, whom RollOnFriday is not naming, was a team leader in one of the firm's regional offices for several years and joined the firm after over twenty years as a solicitor and partner elsewhere.

On Monday last week, staff were informed via email that the partner had been dismissed for "inappropriate conduct with a colleague", said a source.

Rachael Heenan, Capsticks' Senior Partner, confirmed the firm had "terminated a partner’s employment for inappropriate conduct". She said, "No firm or employer is immune from these circumstances and as soon as we learned about the allegations we took swift action”.


Unacceptable behaviours with a colleague.

Capsticks declined to describe the behaviour which resulted in the male solicitor's swift dismissal.

It marks another example of firms taking a hard line in the wake of the Time’s Up movement, with even senior partners proving vulnerable when their conduct is reported and found wanting. In March, US firm Orrick asked Pascal Agboyibor, a partner in the firm's Paris office and head of its Africa practise, to leave following complaints by a team member in December about his behaviour. Freshfields was called in to conduct an inquiry and reportedly concluded that Agboyibor was guilty of inappropriate behaviour and lapses in judgement. In November, RollOnFriday broke the news that Reed Smith had jettisoned a male partner for sexually harassing a female trainee.

The booted Capsticks partner did not respond to a request for comment.

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Anonymous 13 April 19 06:37

"As soon as we learned about the allegations we took swift action". Right, so a fair process was followed to ensure the allegations were correct and the accused receivec a fair hearing, and in no way was there a knee-jerk reaction.

Anonymous 15 April 19 17:39

Its inappropriate conduct to sack someone for 'inappropriate conduct' without saying what the 'inappropriate conduct' was.

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