A law firm has mistaken itself for a model agency by posting clips of its lawyers pouting for business.

Blacks Solicitors has posted the series of short video clips on its Twitter feed where its lawyers work the camera with beautiful/scary results depending on your viewpoint. In heavily hashtagged tweets (#NotJustAnotherSuit #CorporateLawyer #TrustedAdviser) the Leeds-based firm tells its followers to "keep an eye out" for the adverts at the Leeds Bradford airport. 

Blacks Sol Tweet

In the clips, the firm's lawyers push through a crowd of masked faces in a dark room, stride up to the camera and stare down the lens. The bleak dystopian vision that will greet arrivals to the Leeds Bradford airport may not be the warmest welcome to Yorkshire.

Sarah "Blue Steel" Scullion:

Luke "Pushy" Patel:

Ann "head tilt" Robinson:

Dave "Alpha" Paterson:

How an interview at Blacks Solicitors might look:


This isn't the first time that Blacks Solicitors has taken a leftfield approach to get a bit of publicity

If you've seen a firm that's worthy of a bonkers spot, do get in touch.

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