Employees up and down Australia have had their say in RollOnFriday’s Aussie Firm of the Year Survey. And the results are out. But how have firms fared in the all important category of pay?


Though it missed out on being crowned the overall Firm of the Year, Gilbert + Tobin took gold for its wedge. It received an undisputed 100% proving that it’s certainly not stingy when it comes to dollar. Lawyers describe their pay as “exceptional” and “great”. Lawyers say there are "merit based increases and advances" on offer, but only "if you're good enough”, which is a darn sight better than other firms who have been freezing pay and making cuts. There is a trade-off, however, and for G+T lawyers that appears to be the amount of hours they have to put in, which have been described as “gruelling”.

On the other end of the scale is Clayton Utz, which scored a poor 31% for its pay. Lawyers describe the pay as “terrible” and complain about pay freezes and lack of bonuses. But at least for one lawyer there’s comfort in the fact that there’s "plenty of like-minded disgruntled and disillusioned colleagues to trade stories with”. That’s the spirit. 
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