The owner of a fabulous crumb catcher has won Glamorous Solicitor of the Year 2019.

After three thousand votes were cast over the course of the knock-out competition, Anton Vialtsin, a criminal defence lawyer based in San Diego, is officially the people's champ.


Gaze upon that waxed miracle and it is clear the right person won. Pride in his exquisite mouth bridge radiates from the profile photo, and it was certainly Vialtsin's attitude as well as his extraordinary lip umbrella which secured his victory.

Nonetheless, Vialtsin won by a slim margin. Just 15 votes separated him from Rajat Sharma, a homegrown contender who runs Metis Law in Leeds.

Sharma notched up 423 votes, although RollOnFriday would have been slightly nervous approaching him for the winner's comment. Coming off like a bouncer who's heard a punter call him chicken, Sharma is captured as a macho man at his moody best.


It was a three-way battle of the alpha males this year. Wilson Yap brought up the rear with a water pistol and 393 votes.


Congrats to both runners-up and to the other contestants, but especially to Vialtsin. He joins the Gallery of Glamorous Greats, to be marvelled at for all time by fans of true beauty. If you've spotted a contender for this year's crown, please send them in. 

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Anonymous 10 January 20 12:16

They pull a water pistol on you, you pull a NERF gun on them.  They put one of yours in Legal Cheek, you put one of theirs in RoF.  That's how you beat Capone.  That's the Chicago way.

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