The Glamorous Solicitor of 2020 competition has been a toughly fought race between the curiously-bearded, luscious-locked, and deliriously-smiley contenders. But all votes have now been counted, re-counted and ratified. 

A dead ringer for Henry VIII has been crowned the winner. Klim Stashevsky, an IT and Media lawyer in Belarus, acceded to the throne with a mighty 51% of the vote. Here he is at the coronation:

Glam Klim b   

Barrister Nicholas Preston was awarded second spot with 26% of the vote. As the runner-up does not give a speech, the unknown location of Preston's mouth will remain a mystery:


In third place, Jacob English of Mayer Brown, was given 23% of the vote. Thankfully, he still has something to smile about:


Klim Stashevsky told RollOnFriday that he wanted to dedicate his landslide victory to his "Grandma and the Queen", for always believing in him. He also provided some stylish tips for the year ahead:

"Special thanks to my fashion gurus: Donald Trump and Henry VIII, their hair decisions have always inspired me to never give up on the steep slopes of solicitors' fashion Olympus. I appreciate the effort other contenders took to get this win (their styles and fashion awareness are beyond humanly possible limits), but it's hard to beat a good old-fashioned chinstrap.

I wish everyone to be brave in their fashion choices and not to limit their trendy inner beasts just with frivolous socks on casual Fridays. 2021 is here, lock-downs (hopefully) will be over soon, it's time to think about the appropriate attire to get back to our normal life of face-to-face sweaty multi-million meetings.

Obviously, the finest tuxedo-like Italian silk pyjamas will be trendy this year and you will face a lot of victories in courtrooms, deals and new client mandates if you are brave enough to wear them offline combined with your best choice of ties and shoes. As P.T. Barnum once said, 'Fortune always favors the brave, and never helps a man who does not read fashion magazines.' "

The worthy winner also shared some pics of his inimitable look, laying down the gauntlet to the GlamSols of 2021:

Klim 1



Glam pic

Bravo Klim. Thanks to all who voted.

If you've spotted a Glamorous Solicitor, please submit your nomination here.

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Anonymous 08 January 21 13:43

I had the pleasure of meeting Klim in 2019 when he travelled to the UK for a bit of a firm roadshow.  Thoroughly nice guy.  

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