glam semis

Gaze upon their works, ye mighty.

The nine weakest Glamorous Solicitors have been eliminated, and it is time to vote in the semi-finals. A lawyer from Belarus with huge local support has emerged as the man to beat.

The vanquished lawyers gave us their best barnet and their strongest game face, but it was not enough, and their portraits have been sold. 

Coming last, Tim, whose gritty mugshot scared off all but 2% of voters.

tim sold

Thomas was understandably glum with 4%, the sun's gone down on Kris, and Jean-Luc's not laughing anymore, except here, forever. 

glams sold

Rick's nixed, sexystare Marc's off with 7% and George's revolt has been quashed. Paul's patriotic fringe wasn't enough to make the cut, and neither were Michael's shoulder-grazing locks.


The voters picked wisely and left a very strong field of six. Klim Stashevsky, a partner at Arzinger, took over 60% of the vote thanks to a groundswell of media attention:

klim interview

Check out Klim and the competition, and vote for the one(s) you'd like to see proceed to the final.

The three lawyers with the least votes will be culled and the final will commence on Friday 18 December.


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Anonymous 12 December 20 14:43

Nobody’s Polish among the top 6 Minsk has been in Belarus for a quite some time now guys - it’s been a while since Lord Curzon was drawing borders of CEE countries; time to update you maps.

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