The hunt for the most Glamorous Solicitor of 2020 is on.

Each week RollOnFriday frames and mounts a portrait of a lawyer exhibiting superior style and presence. And despite the lockdown, standards have not slipped this year. 

Newcomers should note that the criteria are not about looks. All of the Glams could have the option to look like any other dull lawyer, but instead they have taken a different, braver path. Questionable hair, sartorial flair or a peculiar glare, but only one can win the golden crown.

And we celebrate them all as a counterbalance to uniformity in the profession. This year's contenders have been picked by RollOnFriday's judging panel of Lorraine Kelly, Sylvester Stallone and the ghost of Kate Middleton's dog, Lupo. The winner will be crowned at a ceremony at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Now it's up to you to pick your favourites and vote, as many times as your index finger can take it. The six contenders with the lowest number of fans will be eliminated before Round 2 next week.

The poll is here. And you can peruse their facebits in stunning HD below.


'Exclusive Representation for Discerning Clients Since 1950' (Ali Shahrestani, Esq., California)


Halloween's not for another 10 months, Bradley (Bradley Holt, Conveyancing Assistant, BTMK Solicitors, Essex)


He knows it's Friday (Jean-Luc Couture, partner, TCJ, France)


'This is how the humans smile' (Jacob T English, associate, Mayer Brown, Chicago)


Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, stayed inside (Klim Stashevsky, partner, Arzinger, Minsk)


Saturday night's alright for filing (Kris De Schutter, partner, Loyens & Loeff, Brussels)


Just missing a medallion (Marc De Block, lawyer, DeBlock, Netherlands)


Martin always pushed matters forward (Martin Kuhler, lawyer, TILP, Germany)


Michael grew his hair to distract from his ties (Michael L Holland, Probate lawyer, Texas)


Viva la revolution! (George D Pappas, immigration lawyer, North Carolina)


If seen, do not approach this man (Tim Shorter, Consultant, Mustoe Shorter, Dorset - we're sure he's actually perfectly safe)


Lockdown's over Paul, you can go to a professional (Paul J Molinaro, Fransen Molinaro, Virginia)


You've been allowed to go to the hairdresser for weeks, Rick (Rick Horsley, Special Counsel, HWL Ebsworth, Melborne)


Tom has been ready to WFH for some time (Thomas Wilson, partner, Jones Day, Cleveland)


Play pin the mouth on the lawyer (Nicholas Preston, Barrister, Clerksroom)


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Anonymous 04 December 20 09:38

Disappointing selection this year. I can't believe Slaughter and May's Steve Edge hasn't made the cut with his terrifying new website picture (!

Anonymous 04 December 20 12:31

Surprising no women or non-white entrants. Then again, those of us who have to fight harder to get ahead in law tend to go with professionalism and formality for photos. White guys can be ker-azy and still get work, they're just eccentric. Everyone else is called weird or unprofessional if they veer from the norm.

Royal correspondent please 04 December 20 13:02

"Middleton" - still?

When we all had to pay for the flipping massive shindig a few years ago?

Is RoF breaking news that she kept her maiden name? The constant referral to her as Kate Middleton really irritates me (inversely proportional to how much I actually care about royal news).

Please can a royalty expert educate me?

Katherine Windsor? Princess Katherine? Duchess of Cambridge?

Anonymous 05 December 20 22:15

I have tremendous sympathy for Jacob T English’s smiling problem as I am physically incapable of smiling for the camera unless someone makes me smile naturally.

So much so that I took a colleague with me when having my photo taken and got her to tell me a joke, having told the photographer what I was doing. That would have been fine if the photographer hadn’t waited until I stopped smiling to take the photo...

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