The finalists

The voting public has cut three more Glamorous Solicitors, leaving a spectacular trio as this year's finalists.

The results mean that Martin will no longer be able to push forward in the competition, it's farewell to Bradley's bearded fangs, and the most prestigious of lawyers, Ali, has been retired. 

Glam mix


That leaves three, but who will be rewarded with the ultimate prize for their individualism, flare and brave choices? Surely Jacob's smile deserves to stay in place. But a victory for Klim would allow him to celebrate his rightful regal role with a string of six wives and a split from Rome. Although, shouldn’t Nicholas be crowned, so that the mystery of his hidden mouth might be solved once and for all?

You decide.


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PC Brigade 18 December 20 13:11

I am not comfortable with the lack of women and BIPOC in this list of individuals singled out and preferred above all others for mockery. Educate yourselves. 

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