Scottish firm Blackadders has created a Yuletide video that hurls yellow snow in the face of Father Christmas (figuratively).

Having previously trampled on Tarantino and Friends, Blackadders has now set its sights on ruining the festive season. Employment lawyers at the firm lip sync to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas" before opening their office Secret Santa presents.  

The video starts with employment partner Simon Allison miming "there is just one thing I need", as it becomes clear that the next two minutes will be as vomit-inducing as a jagermeister-laced egg nogg:


Partner Donna Reynolds continues the toe-curling by the log fire with some fake crooning:


Prize turkey Jack Boyle succumbs to the power of Mariah: 


Trainee Duncan Milne will do anything for that Christmas bonus: 


Trapped trainee Blair Duncan sends an SOS to the outside world with his eyes and a subtle message on his hat:


At most firms, the office Secret Santa is a chance to ridicule colleagues safe in the knowledge that it stays behind closed doors. At Blackadders, Christmas is a time for giving and sharing with the rest of the world:

"Ah the excitement of Christmas..."


Present 2
"This isn't going in that video is it?"


Present 03
Nothing says joy to mankind like being labelled as the office phantom logger.


Present 4
It becomes clear who bought the plunger for Duncan.


"Gandalf, I wish the ring to do this video had never come to me."


Present 05
The dog knows that it's wrong.


Present 06
Donna convinces everyone with her surprised delight face.


Just as there is a fondness for an embarrassing uncle, RollOnFriday has to admit a growing affection for Blackadders' videos. The firm's latest gift can be seen in full here.  



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Sumoking 21 December 18 09:35

at this point Blackadders are basically carrying RoF, they pop up every 3 weeks or so to pad out the dutifully repeated press releases on 80% trainee retenion that are the bulk of the "news"

Anonymous 21 December 18 12:31

this vid made me laugh. and love the fact that the Blackadders team are brave enough to have a laugh at themselves....

StewartB 23 December 18 08:56

Does the fact that I follow these guys on Twitter amount to verified CPD or just a guilty secret. Well done Blackadders. Another classic!