Scottish firm Blackadders has created a parody video of the opening credits of Friends, in a tenuous way to promote an employment law podcast. 

To the nauseating Rembrandts' track "I'll be there for you", the lawyers mimic the Friends cast frolicking in the fountain, with frightening attention to detail. It brings back memories of the sitcom and a simpler time when it seemed OK for Tom Selleck to try to pash a woman 21 years his junior.

It's also a reminder as to why lawyers should turn down some roles. No one told them marketing was gonna be this way.

001 Friends


Friends 2


Friends 3


Ducks fountaint


Friends 5







Kudos to Blackadders for dancing like wallies in a Scotland town centre where, presumably, they had to endure heckles from locals filled with Buckfast.

Possibly coming soon to E4, but currently on Vimeo, you can watch Blackadders' video here.

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Melanie 05 November 18 12:47

Just seen this-wonderful fill up on a dreary Monday morning...well done you guys. I know you were just on a break!

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