After last week's poll result - confirming Jedward as Linklaters' next Senior Partner - it seems that the good partners of Simmons & Simmons are also keen to face the RollOnFriday polling treatment. A impressive six have thrown their hats in the ring for the Senior Partner role.

So who are these luminaries who consider themselves qualified to succeed David Dickinson? From the slightly sinister mug shots of all the hopefuls below, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot to differentiate between the six stiff-looking chaps in suits. As with the Linklaters' election, the candidates are very London-centric, the only international flavour provided in the form of cheery-looking Paris head Thierry Gontard (the only one of the bunch who doesn't appear to be supressing a pained grimace).

Philip Vaughn                     Colin Passmore                   Charles Mayo                       Thierry Gontard 

Mark Dawkins                      Patrick Wallace                     Faceless corporate drone

So flex your voting fingers and tell Simmons who should be the next ruler of Ropemaker Street.

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