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Almost notorious enough for I'm a Celebrity (which he would win).

A barrister has been remanded in custody after admitting that he bought drugs from a client.

Barrister Henry Hendron is no stranger to controversy. He was suspended from practice for three years in 2016 after he admitted supplying drugs which killed his boyfriend at a chemsex party in Temple.

In 2019 he was suspended again for failing to pay back a complainant her money (although that decision was overturned the following year). In 2021 he was reprimanded by a tribunal for continuing to practise while suspended.

He once nominated himself to be elected to the Bar Council, although his attempt was thwarted.

He has now appeared at the Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to possessing a Class A drug, and also pleading guilty to three counts of intentionally encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence.

The court heard how police arrested a suspected drug dealer in 2021, who was one of Hendron's clients in a criminal case. Officers then found messages from Hendron on the suspected dealer's phone, asking to supply him with drugs. 

Following an investigation, the police also found further evidence going back to 2020, indicating that Hendron was purchasing drugs from yet another client. Officers arrested Hendron in May 2022, and he was subsequently charged, a Metropolitan Police statement has revealed.

Hendron is set to be sentenced on 19th April.

"At the time of his arrest Hendron was a serving Barrister," said Detective Inspector Lewis Sanderson of the Specialist Crime South. "The behaviour displayed by Hendron, while acting for the Bar, was unacceptable, unethical and illegal. Actions like his can tarnish the reputation of all those involved in the criminal justice system and the whole team were determined to bring him to account."

Sanderson added: "As a result of the hard work and thorough investigation, Hendron has been now been made to face the consequences of his actions.”

Hendron had previously represented high-profile clients, acting for Apprentice winner Stella English in her claim against Alan Sugar, and defending former culture secretary Nadine Dorries against accusations she smeared an opponent. He also represented the Earl of Cardigan. 

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Lord Lester 24 March 23 10:11

I mean, look, what he's done is probably a bit rum. Even I appreciate that he's gone a bit beyond the ability of the BSB to restore his reputation and clear him of all wrongdoing.

But can we all at least agree that he's living his best life and, while a career at the Bar might not be for him in the longer term, that he would be your absolute first draft-pick if you were tasked with putting a team together to host a wild party for visiting dignitaries?


I suspect that he will prosper in Dubai once all this unpleasantness blown over. Sounds the sort to fit right in.

Anonymous 24 March 23 10:36

Can't wait for the film on HH.

Dubai high 24 March 23 11:55

@Lord Lester, except that it's much harder to buy drugs off clients in Dubai.  I think the real solution to the problem, all round, is to legalise Class A drugs. 

Anonymous 24 March 23 14:48

If only he'd joined the tory party instead of the bar he'd have been on the front bench and in the HoL by now.

Anonymous 24 March 23 15:58

"If only he'd joined the tory party instead of the bar he'd have been on the front bench and in the HoL by now."

Don't write the boy off so early. He has half his life ahead of him still.


Well, maybe a third, given his seemingly undentable enthusiasm for partying about as hard and as often as humanly possible.

Tom Denning’s Cat 25 March 23 08:27

Poor guy, he is actually the embodiment of how broken the criminal law system is. 

It’s clear he has had a drug problem for the best part of a decade. Will sticking him in prison help? No. 

What he needs is a court order to go to the Priory and stay until they have scrubbed the last molecule of coke out of his nose and got him through the cold Turkey. 

AbsurdinessBrown 25 March 23 13:45

I expect he'll end up doing TV travel docos like Portillo. 

He could start with Bournville.  

Henry’s friend 13 May 23 13:56

Wasted potential

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