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Hendron - licence to robe, again

A tribunal has reprimanded colourful barrister Henry Hendron for continuing to practise while he was suspended, and sending threatening emails to a client. But the colourful brief avoided being disbarred, and told RollOnFriday he will start "building back and building strong" his legal practice.

Hendron, who was suspended from practice for three years in 2016 after he admitted supplying drugs which killed his boyfriend at a chemsex party in Temple, was facing charges brought by the Bar Standards Board. 

The bar disciplinary tribunal found nine of the 18 charges proven, which included Hendron holding himself out as a barrister on two websites (despite requests from the BSB to remove the references), and conducting litigation.

Hendron had also signed off emails as a "Barrister, non-practising" - although he told the tribunal that his paralegal may have done this without his knowledge, as he had dictated the messages from "drug hangouts."  

He said of that period: "I was coming to grips with the loss of my boyfriend. I was a daily drug addict injecting multiple times a day. I was trying to appear functional. I was a mess, a complete and utter mess." He said he would go from one drug hangout to another in London, while he corresponded with his paralegal on his mobile.

The barrister had also sent "inappropriate and threatening" emails to a client, telling them: "don't screw your lawyers" and "you have been warned". He told the tribunal that he'd sent the emails as he was concerned that the client wouldn't pay him. But he also admitted: "I was off my face."

Harini Iyengar, the barrister for the BSB, told the tribunal: “One might have thought that someone who had been suspended would have taken all their professional obligations seriously at this stage.”

The panel chair, James Meston, said that previous findings against the barrister "were relevant in that they show a history of serious and recurrent problems", and that there were "real concerns" about Hendron's lifestyle "and on occasions about his attitude and self-damaging behaviours".

Hendron had shown a "deliberate disregard" to his obligation to the BSB, said the tribunal, as the charges had arisen during a time when he was suspended. The panel found that the barrister had shown "some insight" into his conduct, but had "some way to go before he addresses all his problems in particular in respect of substance misuse." 

The tribunal said that cumulatively the charges justified a further suspension. However, it recognised that there had not been any further allegations of misconduct since 2019 and his return to practice.

The tribunal decided that a further suspension was not appropriate. Instead, it prohibited the barrister from taking direct access work for two years, and ordered him to complete a public access training course.

The tribunal did not make a costs order, and said that a financial sanction would be ineffective due to Hendron's bankruptcy. 

"I am grateful for the diligent way in which the tribunal approached my case," Hendron told RollOnFriday. He said the BSB spent "a disproportionate amount of time and money in their relentless pursuant of 9 of the charges hopeless charges which the tribunal flatly rejected and threw out. These were charges which should never have been brought in the first place, but were only brought because of an overzealous regulator which has lost its way".

Hendron said that the BSB sought his disbarment at the tribunal and £30k in legal costs, but got neither. "The Tribunal decision on sanction was a million miles away from what the BSB had asked for," said Hendron. The BSB had "suffered further humiliation and embarrassment", he said, when the tribunal refused its application for costs. 

"I am now in the process of taking stock and evaluating all personal and professional aspects of my life, so that I can truly bring about the changes in all the aspects of my life which the tribunal identified as concerns," Hendron told RollOnFriday. 

"I intend to go somewhere sunny for a few weeks to gather my thoughts and recharge my batteries," he added, "and then on my return to commence building back and building strong my legal practice in London (of which I have not been able to do while I have had BSB proceedings hang over me)."

The BSB declined to comment. 

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Anonymous 04 June 21 10:39

@Bob - I'm not sure about that. He has avoided filing anything late, accidentally losing any documents on public transport, or rogering one or more young female employees in a consensual fashion.

So the SRA would probably look at you with a confused face and ask you why you were bothering them.

SRA pacemaker 04 June 21 10:47

@Bob 10:05 - wanted to take issue with your words "by now"

SRA would not get anywhere near Tribunal for at least 7 years .... sounds like last allegation was in 2019 against this guy ... so their investigation would still be dragging on ...

Jeb Bush 04 June 21 11:37

Wait, so this guy illegally bought and supplied drugs to his boyfriend, that's distribution and manslaughter, then he got suspended and practised law anyway, also against the law, and he hasn't been disbarred? 

What am I missing here? Is this what gay privilege looks like? 

Sorry for his loss, but in the words of sleepy Joe, c'mon man.


Lydia 04 June 21 11:37

Saying he is going away somewhere sunny for a few weeks is not the most sensitive of response given many people cannot afford a holiday nor does he have much choice given the lockdown - may be Azores I suppose? Lucky he.

Anonymous 04 June 21 12:03

I don't know how he intends to rebuild his practice considering no solicitor instructs him (his entire practice is direct access), but he's now prohibited from accepting direct access instructions. 

JDA 04 June 21 12:09

He's bankrupt, but can afford to head off to 'somewhere sunny'? It's disgraceful that he's effectively escaped with a slap on the wrist.  He's not fit to be a barrister!

JDA 04 June 21 12:10

He's bankrupt, but can afford to head off to 'somewhere sunny'? It's disgraceful that he's effectively escaped with a slap on the wrist.  He's not fit to be a barrister!

Wagz 04 June 21 17:40

The SRA took action against those trainees and NQs because their actions undermine the whole profession.  If you can’t see that, maybe being a solicitor is not for you.

Being a barrister is definitely not for this guy.  

Nottelling 07 June 21 21:25

At least the SRA had the good sense to strike off Alan Blacker - aka Lord Harley of Counsel.  




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