A barrister who sent cocaine to a rival chambers has been suspended for assault.

Richard Keogh, who was convicted in February of attacking three members of the public, has been suspended by a Bar Disciplinary Tribunal for 28 days.

He was found by the tribunal to have engaged in conduct which was "likely to diminish the trust and confidence in which the public places in the profession".  

It is the second unfortunate incident involving Keogh within a year. Last December, while working at London firm Alexander Johnson, he accepted a police caution for possessing a wrap of cocaine. He said he used the drug to calm himself down.

Keogh was caught because he inadvertently sent the cocaine to a rival chambers. After accepting the marching powder at a pub next to his office and snorting a "small amount" outside, he stored the remainder in an envelope and forgot about it. Later that day he accidentally used the same envelope to send a payment to another chambers. 

Upon receiving a cheque dusted in gak, the goody-goody recipients called in the police. And they contacted Keogh's firm, which immediately suspended him.



"Quick, someone calm him down with cocaine!"

Calling it a "grave mistake of judgement", Keogh said he "acted very stupidly" by accepting the wrap. He said he was snorting coke because he had been told it "relieved stress".

Tony Marshall, head of Alexander Johnson's criminal team, attempted to put some distance between the firm and Keogh. "Mr Keogh was not employed by this firm as he is a self-employed Barrister", Marshall told RollOnFriday, "albeit that he did a great deal of work with the firm". Marshall said that no decision had been taken "as to whether or not we will continue to instruct Mr Keogh".

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Gobblepig 11 October 19 08:36

Strange world that we live in. This fellow is found to have possessed and supplied a toxic and potentially life-altering substance that has ruined millions of lives and wrecked parts of the world, and is suspended for a month. Another dude is found to have committed the heinous crime of having (at the time) consensual sex with another adult, and has his career and life ruined. 

Gobblepig 11 October 19 10:09

And of course, context is everything. If you punch out three people then that probably is a contributing factor in your one-month suspension, but if you touch someone's bum then you're watching day-time TV for 18 months, you damned pervert.

Anon 11 October 19 10:18

WOW - so a solicitor who lied about passing an exam is struck off and a barrister who not only sent A class drugs to rival chambers but also assaulted people is suspended for a month... Just WOW! 

MT 11 October 19 11:37

"Last December, while working at London firm Alexander Johnson, he accepted a police caution for possessing a wrap of cocaine. He said he used the drug to calm himself down."

Ah yes, cocaine is frequently used due to its calming properties. Just like chamomile tea.

Quite how this twit hasn't been taken to the cleaners yet is beyond me.

Night Flyer 30 October 19 13:36

I cant imagine why anyone would employ Mr Mostyn considering his background charge of possession of a class A drug !

Dealer 30 October 19 13:39

I have known Mr Mostyn personally for 15+ years, his drug abuse his behind him now, he should be left alone to concentrate on his career. 

We all make major mistakes in our lives.

Legend 30 October 19 13:45

The manor in which Mr Mostyn was cleared of his charges is beyond me. Just because his dad is now 'Sir Mostyn' shouldn't of meant he got away without a jail term

Anybody else caught outside a night club with the amount of class A that he has in his possession, would  have been banged up for a few years at least !

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