A solicitor at Westminster Magistrates Court rocked the legal establishment on Monday with a single tweet.


Vice magazine chased down duty solicitor Marianna Christou for more details. Christou explained, "it was just sort of in lumps along the floor. Somebody had put cones up but it was quite spaced out so you had to sort of manoeuvre around the cones".



  Westminster Mags Court on Monday

Sadly it seem unlikely that the culprit was a furious defendant who was staging a last minute dirty protest before being taken to the cells. Christou said that she'd been told that a homeless man had been wandering about the courts and the poo had dropped out from his trouser leg. She suggested that he might have come in to get out of the could, and that she couldn't "believe I could be infamous for seeing a shit on the floor".



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Anonymous 25 January 15 18:11

It wont be the homeless man he has purpose, it will be a govt employee who does not have a voice or a meaningful role so they have a shit on the floor because they can

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