Staff at DAC Beachcroft's Birmingham office have clearly had a lovely start to 2016. This email was sent out on Wednesday morning:


There is a rich tradition of disgruntled law firm staff literally crapping over their employers. Herbies' Belfast office was plagued with faeces on the floor of its ladies' facilities, Irwin Mitchell blamed a dog for a neatly coiled turd next to a filing cabinet, and some deranged lunatic actually managed to fill the soap dispensers in A&O's Belfast loos with his effluence.



  DAC Beachcroft yesterday

A spokesman for DAC Beachcroft said that the firm "is naturally concerned about the wellbeing of the person involved.  We are addressing this unfortunate incident with the utmost discretion and will provide appropriate support where necessary."







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Roll On Friday 08 January 16 09:14

So... this happens at Keoghs.
Then people move from Keoghs to DACB.
Then it happens at DACB.
I'm sure that's just a massive, massive coincidence.

Anonymous 08 January 16 13:35

They should think themselves lucky - in the DAC B Leeds office they have had poo in the middle of the floor

Anonymous 08 January 16 14:15

Our firm has a sign which says "to avoid blockages please only put toilet paper in the bowl for flushing" . Perhaps DACB is the same and this is the logical result

Anonymous 08 January 16 21:49

Commodes all round then instead of office chairs. They'd be able to keep billing the client for it as they'd still be at their desks.

Roll On Friday 09 January 16 06:56

I love the HR guff at the end about specific toiletry needs...what possible answer are you expecting to get to that?

'Oh hi Debbie; yeah it was me who shat in the bin. I can't explain it really, I have just always had a thing for taking a dump in really inappropriate places; perhaps call it a moderate fetish if you will. In fact this one time, when we were on holiday in Majorca, you should have seen the mess I made on the hotel kitchen floor - was full on top bantz, it really was! Remind me, and I'll bring in the photos...'

Anonymous 03 March 16 12:01

Typical behaviour, rather than saying you're annoyed, express your actions for all to say... That's quite a challenge to have a dump in the bin without someone walking in on you, how would they explain that one...

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