The spate of law firm dirty protests seems to have spread to Manchester, with Irwin Mitchell the latest victim.

Staff came in on a Monday morning to find a neatly curled log next to the filing cabinets on the office's sixth floor. As that is where the firm's debt recovery subsidiary Ascent is located, staff initially suspected a disgruntled member of staff or possibly an irate customer who had been deprived of his 52" flat screen TV.

However management apparently told staff that there was a rather more prosaic explanation: an employee had brought in his dog over the weekend, and the animal had sneaked off and done its business. Which seems oddly appropriate given that Irwin Mitchell won this year's Golden Turd.

  The culprit

A spokesman said that "we know nothing about this happening at any point in the recent past". So presumably it was endemic a couple of months ago...


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Anonymous 05 July 13 15:08

They must have hired a lawyer unknowingly from A top Manchester law firm who had history of this.  It did help him get promoted !!

Anonymous 05 July 13 22:29

Ah yes, no homework? The dog ate it.
A terrible place to work filled with disgruntled staff? The dog did it.
Was said turd DNA profiled? As somebody who loves to see a dog in the pub because I can fart to my hearts content whilst blaming the pooch and pedigree chum, I know what my money is on.
The dog dog did it. An excuse to explain those little evil things in life.

Anonymous 10 July 13 10:52

I bet there was a stampede among the partners to polish said turd!
If it was the dog wot did it all I can say is that it is indeed a discerning beast!

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