The six semi-finalists for the Glamorous Solicitor 2018 knockout competition have been picked.

Over the last seven days, hundreds of you with nothing better to do voted for your favourites. It was a wholly worthwhile exercise, and neglected clients should feel grateful their lawyers were clicking furiously on Mark's lustrous mane and Stephen's (The) shining smile instead of working.

It means six Glams say goodbye. Pat and his sad walrus garnered just 42 votes. David Weston and his organic bib didn't do much better. Ivan's iced chin, Andreii's turgid mop and Sergio's disdain weren't enough to get them through. In a shock exit, Ralf's extravagantly wide topiary didn't survive the cut either.


The victors of Round 1 all cleared 250 votes, with Patrick romping into the semis with 426, a 34% share. But now the counters have been reset to zero. Three will go through to the final. Pick your faves as many times as you like. Bon chance, Glam Sols. You are the best of us. The finalists will be announced on Friday 21 December.


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Anonymous 10 December 18 14:35

For sheer, honest "I don't know why the %$#@ I'm doing this, but I'm buggered if I'm going to make an effort", it's gotta be Frans

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