It's actually going really well now.

You’re never alone at Watson, Farley & Williams, although your company may be small, furry and partial to electrical wires.

The firm’s London office is in the grip of a “major mice infestation”, sources said.

The unwanted houseguests have been “lingering around” for two months but “nothing is being done about it” said an agitated insider standing on their chair.

The firm conceded that “We have had a minor problem in our London office with mice”, but assured RollOnFriday that “we have actively taken measures to address” the outbreak.

WFW is by no means the only firm forced to do battle with rodents. 

BLM became so overrun that there was “screaming throughout the office”, and once upon a time a dead mouse was found in a paralegal’s desk at legacy Morgan Cole.

Mishcon's canteen once scored 1/5 for hygiene thanks to rodents, and ROF hereby vows to make a donation to the charity of WFW’s choice if any of its staff can provide video footage of a live one scuttling about.

The firm may wish to consult Gowling WLG for pest control tips. A design quirk trapped pigeons behind a façade on its London office building, leading to the accumulation of avian cadavers until a "sheepish individual with a bin bag" cleared them out. 

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Slow news week 13 October 23 09:52

 Mice in London offices is hardly news.  I don't know of any trainees at any City firm that didn't have the occasional late night visitor.

Where I trained, a fellow trainee came in and found a live mouse had fallen into her bin (that woke everyone in the funds team up) and amongst others the old FBD office was a notorious haven for furry visitors.

Honestly, every office block I have been in has some sort of pest control devices in the bike storage/changing areas in the basement and that's not for sh**s and giggles - if you haven't seen them it just means you haven't been unfortunate to be the last person in the office after the cleaners have been through.

Anonymous 13 October 23 10:05

The canteen at WFW was notable for it's quality, at least when I was there.  A veritable Anatole from Wodehouse behind the pans.  I hope for their sake the mice haven't got into the kitchen.

Fresh Mice 13 October 23 11:45

I mean London is pretty old! For any Freshfielders, who remembers when Fleet Street use to be overrun with them?! Thank god the firm moved to new digs. 

The Vivienne 13 October 23 22:10

All of the BLM mice went on to hold senior positions in Clown & Co.  Many of them are now on the BLM Management committee where they have been joined by Matthew the corporate mouse 

Former WFW 16 October 23 13:45

The mouse infestation at WFW is nothing new. The refurbishment works over 2016/17 at Appold Street brought all the mice out during the daytime - we had mice running around the client floor, mice turning up dead in lawyer offices after poison was laid down and cereal boxes nibbled in the pantry. We just learnt to ignore them and adopted a strategy of never apologise, never explain, if clients noticed the mice or their droppings when they came to the office for meetings. 

Herbie the mouse 18 October 23 21:23

Plenty of rodent life at HSF’s Exchange House.  The old hovel they had for business services in Finsbury Sq was overrun with them 

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