"I was visited by the spirits of lawyers, business services, and ROF, a merry Christmas to everybody!"

Seasonal cheer has returned to Watson, Farley & Williams after staff convinced management to backtrack on a bah humbug holiday plan.

The firm traditionally gifts its people an extra day off over Christmas. But because Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fall over the weekend this year, WFW was minded not to declare the freebie in 2022. Until word spread of the Scroogey scheme, and feedback poured in from hardworking Cratchits.

Management "doesn't think the firm deserves to be rewarded for all the hard work in the past year", an employee complained to ROF. "The first time in over 12 years that we do not get a free day off over Christmas!"

Proving that partners do listen to staff (which should count in WFW's favour in the Best Law Firms to Work At 2023 (rate your firm below)), the proposal was abandoned this week, soon after RollOnFriday got in touch. 

Staff will now get a complementary day off, and, to show their gratitude, should probably each invite a wide-eyed partner to a turkey dinner. A WFW spokesman reformed Dickens character said, "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year!"

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Anonymous' twin 09 December 22 09:38

@9:16  nothing like singing your own praises or getting HR to do it for you.  So will they listen to the staff survey results.... ha ha ha

Anon 09 December 22 10:18

Am never amazed to see the poor judgment that some firms still apply to this kind of thing. In this day and age it’s just terrible optics and exactly the kind of thing that will end up on ROF.   It’s also embarrassing for the Firm and shows how it really thinks of its people.  Then when the firm is shamed into u-turning it does it, thereby undermining the value and gesture that could and should have been made originally.   Firms have to be so careful about all the details around this kind of thing.  People are edgy and anxious about pay and about living costs.  This whole issue was entirely foreseeable.  

Anon 09 December 22 10:46

Please would you get in touch with DLA Piper then ROF, because they’ve done exactly the same!

What would baby Jesus do? 09 December 22 13:07

Bugger all happens the week between Xmas and New Year anyway.

Don't know why they're taking it back unless it's because they resent paying a day's holiday.  If they're that hard up they need to look at the business.

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