Poorly refrigerated food and mouse droppings were responsible for Mishcon de Reya's drubbing by food safety officers last month, RollOnFriday can reveal.

Camden Council's report shows that the firm's in-house cafe, nicknamed 'Mishcon Diarrhoea' by witty readers, scored 50 out of a worst possible mark of 60. However since the report was issued, said the firm, it had corrected everything.

"Oh great, a sticker we can use."

Amongst various crimes against hygiene, the inspector highlighted the potential for staff with nut allergies to swell up and pop like hamsters dropped on a mine. Food containing peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts was "not separated" from other food in the breakfast buffet, they said. Dairy milk was prepared in the same jugs as non-dairy milk.

The inspectors also found "isolated areas of mouse droppings" outside the kitchen staff loos, and more rodent leavings next to the wine cooler. Which is ironic, because last year given Mishcon lawyers scored free wine after spotting mice in a  bar

  "I'm getting strawberries, I'm getting easy tannins, I'm getting a soft finish. Would pair nicely with a gouda. But first, a poo."   

The inspector wrote, "You have put in place some good measures to prevent cross contamination, however, you must take further appropriate measures that ensure pest activity on the premises is brought under adequate control". 

Other transgressions included unkept cleaning logs, a toaster stored on the floor and kitchen staff "unable to wash their hands effectively" because there was no dedicated hand wash basin. Old warm food was highlighted as another area of concern. Sandwiches were displayed in shelves with temperatures exceeding 20°C, said the inspector, when the counter food should have been kept under 8° C or thrown away after two hours.

A spokeswoman for Mishcon de Reya put up gamely with RollOnFriday's obsession with its kitchen and said, "Anything referred to in the assessment report has since been rectified with the help of our supply chain partners".
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Anonymous 13 July 18 11:18

do people still eat in there??? it must be dead!

Anonymous 13 July 18 13:34

Very jealous that rat has managed to crack open a bottle before me on this sunny Friday afternoon...

Anonymous 13 July 18 16:50

The privileges of partnership 12.34.

SecularJurist 22 July 18 18:54

Is that a stock photograph, or does MdR keep what appears to be New World Merlot in their cellars, a glass of which the rodent is supping from? If it is the latter, then if that is the standard of wines the firm keeps, then the mice are welcome to it. Les Vins de France are the best in the world (except for Malbec and Alsacien dessert wines). Not only is a higher standard of cleanliness in the kitchens required, but a higher standard of wines, too.

Anonymous 30 July 18 19:06

Baker McKenzie has mice running all over the place. They turn up on your desk and in your drawers.