BLM has a mouse problem.

The firm's Manchester office is, say staff, "infested". Compounding the crisis for animal-loving staff is the facility team's decision not to use humane traps. "There has been screaming throughout the office", said a source, who did not clarify whether the screams were the result of live vermin scurrying under desks, or dead vermin spasming on the carpets.

    It was all fun and games until John's Halloween costume got him chased, trapped, killed, bagged and placed in the sanitary waste bin

RollOnFriday asked the firm whether its unsentimental executioners were killing the mice with traditional snap-traps, electrocuting them with battery-powered kill chambers or immobilising them with sticky pads until the Managing Partner could brain them with a peanut butter jar. A BLM spokeswoman declined to comment.

In 2009, legacy Lovells became so overrun with mice that staff lobbied for a firm cat. If that's out of the question, be warned, BLM: if you ever have Mishcon De Reya over, they will expect compensatory wine in the event of a sighting.
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Anonymous 03 November 17 09:26

Mickey Mouse outfit?
Or an unauthorized non Disney copy?

Anonymous 03 November 17 09:27

Not sure Mischon De Reya are interested in fixed-fee low value defendant insurance claims.
Maybe they'd pop over to give BLM some insolvency advice?

Anonymous 03 November 17 10:07

Mickey Mouse? I thought it was the Go Compare guy

Anonymous 07 November 17 17:00

The old London office was overrun with mice too so this is nothing new! There was one Paralegal who ended up infesting his own flat after he left his sports bag under his desk while at work. Would the firm pay for an exterminator for him? No.

Anonymous 08 November 17 15:40

At least these are furry pests. Rumour has it that this firm has been home to a number of pests of a different variety in the past who are just as nauseous as those with long tails.

Anonymous 15 November 17 11:30

the old London office had a mice a few years ago and we were still expected to work as normal

Anonymous 17 November 17 10:16

As opposed to standing on your chairs, screaming?