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Piles of rotting pigeon corpses have been discovered at Gowling WLG's London office, with observers blaming a quirk in the building's design.

A cavity behind the facade of the firm's swanky riverside premises functions as a "pigeon death trap", said a source, who witnessed the death of a pigeon this week after it "entered the glass void and was unable to find its route to freedom".

The "appalled" twitcher said they tracked the unfortunate bird to its final resting place, and was "horrified to discover that there were tens of bodies of deceased pigeons steadily decomposing in the bottom of the void".

Despite making calls to the building's front desk, the landlord, and the law firm's reception, the concerned ornithologist said the distressed creature was "left to expire".

On Thursday morning a "sheepish individual with a bin bag" was spotted retrieving some of the rotting carcasses from the avian death trough, which is apparently located next to the kitchen facilities for Gowling's client hospitality floor.

Although the volume of bodies indicated that it was a "well-known and ongoing issue with the building",  bird-proofing "is clearly not considered a priority" by the landlord, said a source.

However, WLG Gowling is on the case. A spokesperson said, "Now we are aware of this incident we have escalated it to our landlord to act as we are concerned about the welfare of the birds".

"As tenants we are unfortunately not in a position to alter the external fabric of the building, but we will be encouraging them to address this on behalf of all the tenants of the building."

Other unwanted law firm visitors have included a poo, a giant snow cock, a protest wagon, angry cleaners, strippers, and anti-lawyer graffiti.

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Bird watcher 30 September 22 09:05

There are a fair few who may well have suffered the same fate if sat in the wrong part of the ninth floor in the Birmingham office. 

To be clear I am not talking about pigeons

Julian 30 September 22 09:52

I used to work there are the client hospitality was absolutely top notch.  Although poussin was on the menu rather frequently.  At least that's what they said it was    

New niche 30 September 22 11:14

Gowling should share the design, they would make millions from getting rid of the flying rats. 

Birdwatcher 30 September 22 20:22

“as we are concerned about the welfare of the birds".

Just a hunch, but it’s a bit late for that isn’t it, if their rotting corpses  are being scraped into bin bags?

Animal Rebellion 01 October 22 11:54

I’m off in there on Monday to glue my bare arse to their front desk until they stop this pigeon carnage. 

Bungle 04 October 22 03:26

Something about "the bird is the word". I really would have thought that Sumo would have been onto this like a seagull... or pigeon... on a chip (that the trashmen haven't yet cleaned up).

Also, Avian Death Trough is going to have to be the name of my new punk band. What a perfectly evocative term.

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