A man who was jailed for assaulting a policewoman has denied he stuck his finger up her bum.

Nathaniel Wailu pleaded guilty in 2011 to assaulting and obstructing a police officer while she was helping his mother collect belongings from his home. The policewoman, the court was told, "felt a forceful and sudden poke from the accused's finger between the cheeks of her buttocks". Wailu was sentenced to nine months. 

His defence barrister told the court that "when he sobered up...he realised he'd done a stupid thing". But in a slightly garbled email to RollOnFriday, Wailu described this week how the assault was more of a clap to the bottom than a digit betwixt the cheeks.

"I was a bit intoxicated", he conceded. "A female copper [was] standing staring at the microwave, there was a turtle necklace of mine and it hit me like [the] weirdest dream, [like] deja vu. My [hand] walked past her then slapped her cheeks, then fuck me, coppers fucking jumped."


Court's view v Wailu's recollection.

"Bad karma, good karma, but fucken [thank] you [for making up] another story [about my] finger up a female police officer", said Wailu. "If you want more stories [about] what I did you can call me mobile number".

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Sumoking 31 May 19 08:15

Erm, could you call him and see what his other stories are? Maybe he accidentally fi***d a judge once while buying tomatoes?

Anonymous 31 May 19 08:51

Its certainly possible that the story was embellished - these sort of claims often are. It was 8 years ago though.

Anonymous 31 May 19 09:27

I'm confused. The link shows this story was reported by RoF in 2011. Is the only "exclusive" development that the guy now denies it? Or that he has more stories to tell?

Why so serious 31 May 19 09:48

9.27 I believe rof has used the ‘Exclusive’ label jokingly here. Pretty sure they are not under the illusion this is the Panama papers. 

Anonymous 31 May 19 10:15

@Why so serious - Sorry if the use of quotation marks made it read as sarcastic, it wasn't meant to be - I get that this is not the panama papers. I was just wondering what caused this 2011 story to be re-printed? Did the guy just get in contact with RoF now?

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