And should the need arise, lyrics such as 'Have you ever done anything like this before?' can easily be adapted to 'I'm able to advise on immigration law'.

An Australian immigration lawyer has taken his band, Voyager, to the Eurovision final. 

By day, Danny Estrin handles visa issues. By night, he dons a keytar and brings the joys of hair metal to delighted audiences in bars around Perth and, now, the world.

In advance of taking centre stage at Eurovision in Liverpool, Estrin confirmed to Australia’s SBS News that law and rock go hand in hand. Which most people suspected, but it was nice to have it confirmed. 

“It’s kind of left brain, right brain. I think the two complement each other quite well because you can use the creative side to come up with creative solutions”, he said. 

“A lot of migration law is about strategy; what sort of visa do you get from this point to another point to achieve permanent residency in Australia”, he explained.

A sequinned suit, a 1988 Toyota and flowing locks are also part of a strategy, but a superior, camper one than his day job clients get to enjoy.

Voyager’s song 'Promise' was an unexpected survivor of the semi finals on Thursday, although the band are, at the time of publication, outsiders to win, placing 15th with the bookies out of 22 acts. 

Estrin said he was just happy to be there. “If someone told me that 20 years ago a progressive synth metal band from Perth would be on the Eurovision stage, I’d be like, ‘you’re dreaming mate’, so this is phenomenal. I didn’t think this would be something we’d be doing at this point of our career”, he said. 

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Fair Dinkum 12 May 23 09:07

It’s great to see this super camp slice of 80s synth rock get to the Euro finals. Good on em! 

Anonymous 12 May 23 13:34

Do we even need to run the Glamourous Solicitor competition this year, or can we just award the trophy right now?

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