A man was jailed for nine months by Townsville District Court this week after he admitted putting his finger up a policewoman's backside.

Nathaniel Solomon Wailu pleaded guilty to charges of assault and obstructing a police officer during a drunken incident last year, according to a Townsville Bulletin report. The policewoman had been accompanying Wailu's mother to collect some of her belongings from his unit in a Garbutt lodge. The court was told that Wailu became obstructive and - perhaps taking inspiration from the unsavoury tactics of ex-NRL player John Hopoate - "walked behind the complainant...[who] then felt a forceful and sudden poke from the accused's finger between the cheeks of her buttocks".

    A shocked policewoman yesterday

On a roll, the intoxicated Wailu also decided it would be a good idea resist arrest, fending off police attempts to cuff him with kicks and blows. His defence barrister told the court "when he sobered up...he realised he'd done a stupid thing", adding, "in his words he felt "really bad" about what he'd done".

But feeling bad was never really going to cut it with the judge who gave Wailu a dressing down, telling him "It's hard to imagine a more disrespectful thing than what you did to the officer on that day". He handed down a nine month sentence. Although, given that he's been in custody since the assault, Wailu will be given immediate parole.

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