RollOnFriday’s favourite Singaporean law firm TSMP Law has been left red-faced after one of its managing directors took to Facebook to boast about how good she is at giving blowjobs..

Stefanie Yuen, who is married to her co-managing director, Thoi Shen Yi, unwittingly shared her prowess at oral sex with the entire world when she commented:

Well we all like to write our own reviews, Stef. Unsurprisingly, the message went viral and prompted Stefanie to issue this statement:

Meanwhile the Chambers comment “she has delivered results in stressful conditions under severe time constraints many, many times" has found new meaning.

Stefanie told RollOnFriday that it was an irreverent comment made in a closed private circle of friends, which has been taken out of context. She added, “obviously it sucks that a tongue-in-cheek comment has been blown out of proportion”.
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Anonymous 24 October 14 10:40

She sounds good fun and taking it in good spirit. I bet her husband is lucky to have her for her earning power and other attributes too.

Anonymous 24 October 14 13:12

This is ridiculous, but so funny.

Poor woman, if something like that happened to me, I wouldn't be too impressed, but then why put it on a social networking site anyway if you didn't want the attention?!