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You’ll never catch me, I’m the excrement man!”

Agents of Gowling WLG's landlord have complained to the firm about a sustained campaign of "toilet abuse" suspected to be the work of one of its employees.

CBRE, which manages the firm's Birmingham office, snapped this week over the "very unhygienic toilet abuse" being meted out by a mystery individual.

In a notice imploring the monster responsible to "stop this unacceptable behaviour immediately", CBRE said it had reported the matter to the firm's leaders in Birmingham, "who occupy these floors".

"This is a Health and Safety issue for users of the facilities and the cleaning team that are having to attend each incident", it warned WLG Gowling staff in a notice stuck to the bathroom door.

poo sign

Fouling WC.

The precise nature of the culprit's toxic conduct was unclear. Glossing over the fact that one of its people appeared to be responsible, Gowling WLG declined to comment and referred RollOnFriday to CBRE, which did not immediately respond.

It follows disturbing scenes in Exeter last month, when an Ashfords lawyer was caught on CCTV defecating around a Premier Inn. 

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Health and Saftey 05 August 22 09:03

Someone has been shitting in the stairwells. 

Nothing to see here, please use the lifts instead for now.

Anonymous 05 August 22 09:44

Anonymous 09.37

Guessing you're an insider. So is this old news then? Have they got to the bottom of it now? 

Mr Hanky 05 August 22 09:49

Seems to me that this is merely an overdue attempt to bring back the classic ‘upper-decker’ whereby one unleashes fudge dragons into the cistern rather than the bowl.

Those long enough in the tooth will fondly recall that this was totally acceptable behaviour, nay, absolutely epic banter in the Wragge years of 2006-2008 (and again briefly in November 2009). Everyone was doing it in the Brum office and I seem to remember the general consensus at the time being that it really brought teams together.

May I suggest CBRE get a sense of humour and or join in the fun themselves? 

Question Man 05 August 22 10:01

How can anyone be sure that it is not in fact the toilet abusing the relevant individual?

KBox Platinum Package Nember 05 August 22 10:11

NGL this is the funniest thing I’ve read this week - closely followed by the new Travers Smith associate bonus plan…..-

Crust of bread 05 August 22 10:32

Many years ago I worked for the Royal Air Force. At an airbase in Wiltshire lurked "the phantom sh1tter."

His modus operandi was to snatch female officers and ncos handbags, crap in them and replace the bag back in the cloakroom. He was never caught.

Good luck to Gowling's in apprehending this culprit....

Svyatoslav 05 August 22 10:57

"Not limited to Brum. Bristol firms have experienced this too."

Perfectly normal behaviour in Bristol.

Fudge Dragoness 05 August 22 14:26

Deeply offended that that Mr Hanky at 09:49 considers this to be a solely male activity.

US associate 05 August 22 21:28

At my firm (elite Cravath pay scale US) someone likes to poo on the lid of the toilet and have the faeces displayed to every loo-users of the firm. Terrific. 

Anonymous 06 August 22 11:06

The culprit was certainly not a service dog on all of occasions.  One at least one occasion, was definately inside a toilet cubicle, there is no way that could have been a service dog and this issue has been happening before the service dog was first in the building.

There has been a lack of leadership to resolve this issue though, its just been ignored by the person who really should of clamped down on this.

That's the second note from CBRE, the first one was much politer, not surprised by the CBREs tougher stance though as they not been supported by Gowling on this.

I feel most for the poor cleaning staff and good on CBRE for highlightung this, now may be the person who should of dealt with this will get off their lazy backside and actually do something.

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