It was nothing new to Madame Cholet but Bungo learned a lot.

Extolling the virtues of the vagina at work has caused problems for lawyers and is generally inadvisable, but at Womble Bond Dickinson it's just part of the job.

A 15-strong WBD team spread across the firm's London and Newcastle offices has acted pro bono to find the clitoris new premises for the world’s first museum dedicated to vulvas.

The Vagina Museum opened in Camden Market in 2019 with a mission to tackle taboos surrounding women's bodies, but was forced to relocate to Camden and then again after its property guardianship ended.

Thanks to the Wombles, it has now reopened in a larger location in Bethnal Green after the firm secured the lease to the new property.

WBD associate Nazmin Akthar said, "We are all thrilled that this deal was able to complete smoothly and we have been able to help the Vagina Museum and ensure this critically important cultural spot can continue operations.”

Founded by Florence Schechter, the museum stages exhbitions such as Muff Busters: Vagina Myths and How to Fight Them, alongside a collection of menstrual cups, tampons, artworks depicting female anatomy and even Schechter’s own underwear, displayed to show the normality of vaginal discharge.

There were some objections from scandalised locals when the museum opened, but the main source of controversy has arisen from the museum’s refusal to describe vaginas as a body part exclusive to women, so as not to alienate females who identify as men.

As part of its opposition to gender critical people, who believe that trans-identified females are also women, the museum now sells “PROTECTION FROM TERFS” stickers in its gift shop which it promises will “slay the TERFs away”.*

But not Wombles. Zoe Williams, head of communications and fundraising at the Vagina Museum, said, "We couldn't have reopened without the help from Womble Bond Dickinson. As a charity, we have very limited financial resources at our disposal, and wouldn't have known where to start. Thanks to the kind and practical pro bono support we received, we reopened last week, and almost 1000 people have already visited".

*Incidentally, Wombles also has a gift shop.


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Anonymous 17 November 23 08:57

May I be the first to point out the irony of such a museum being saved by a bunch of c**ts?

Anonymous 17 November 23 09:20

Presumably they thought it was a celebration of a different kind of c***?

Virtue signalling doesn’t really work when you are choosing to work for a law firm with blood on their hands. No matter how much pro bono work is done, the shame will only be shifted when the £60m WBD trousered is paid to a charity for the wronged postmasters.

Hilarious 17 November 23 09:27

So funny. How about you set up a charity for all the sub postmasters and their families you have helped ruin? 

Anonymous 17 November 23 09:41

What's the difference between Womble Bond Dickinson and a Vagina Museum? 

One's full of tw**s and the other's in Bethnal Green


(sorry WBD I'm sure lots of you are lovely but you laid yourselves open here, so to speak)

Anonymous 17 November 23 10:08

Imagine, just imagine if a member of staff at WBD had the spine to contact the postmasters and simply say sorry for all the harm they did.

However the kind of person who does that is unlikely to be working at WBD.

heads down 17 November 23 10:41

given all the negative publicity around Horizon you would think Wombles would want to keep their heads down. Head of office said it was a home from home 

anon 17 November 23 11:41

what everyone else said.
decent wombles: whatever the technical position de jure (and it looks like you’re going to struggle) you need to look at yourselves in the mirror and maybe “do something” to make amends to those whose lives have been ruined, for the families of those who committed suicide, and perhaps even denounce the morally corrupt high ups who were happy to play along looking the other way.

Anonymous 17 November 23 11:55

Nice slap in the face from the Museum for those of us who aren't radical feminists, but think that sex is binary, too.

Uncle Bulgaria 17 November 23 13:23

The WBD gift shop is hilarious. What to get the captain of industry that has everything? Have you considered a $250 gift card for a law firm? It's not clear whether you are tied to spending it on branded stainless steel "ice cubes" or whether you can put it towards the legal fees too.

pumpkin 17 November 23 13:26

Surprised the Vagina Museum were prepared to work with a firm that sells puffer jackets and fleeces for "Men" and "Women". Bit terfy, that.

anon 1141 17 November 23 15:48

@anon1441yes agree. Whilst the worse miscarriage in legal history hangs heavy over Wombles they do well to avoid virtue signaling on such a small and so transparently insincere level. Big action on helping subpostmasters and their families is the only way forward. But as you say they are just not a nice set of people running the firm. They have become very rich of others human misery and miscarriage of justice. Wombles knew exactly what they were doing

anon 17 November 23 17:21

Lovely organisation this Museum, degrading women and trying to belittle those who hold lawful beliefs. I suppose that once in a while we all have to put up with clients who are bad faith actors and who fall into the ' what on earth was I thinking' box - no pun intended....

comedy gold 17 November 23 21:27

So Wombles send a train load down from Newcastle HQ to London to look at some nucts. Why not save their clients some money and walk down the corridor?  

Woomble 17 November 23 21:59

The Wombles keep on living up to their comedy name. Wee Johnny and small Paul aka the Krankies.

Anonymous 18 November 23 14:21

A charity about the vagina, which is a reproductive feature that only women have, but which attacks GC women and engages in gender woo bollox doesn’t deserve to continue. Sex is binary but bullsh*t is a spectrum.

Anonymous 20 November 23 06:51

Expect some pro-WBD posts soon, these tend to follow a predictable pattern.

1. denial

2. anger

3. unsubstantiated boasts

4. bargaining

5. self pity.

Dave Graham 20 November 23 20:00

All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten the stench from the Post Office infamy

Dave Graham 21 November 23 12:38

Only way back for Womble now, is for those who drank deep of the £60m money, to disgorge in favour of Postmaster reparations, and spend 5 years penance in some Profumal style work. Orderly in in a childrens cancer ward would be a useful start.
“ What profiteth a man to gain the whole world to lose his own soul?”

Mark. 8 Verses 34 to 38

Postie 21 November 23 19:24

Dave Graham , Wombles don't give a damn. They have had their money and run. Ex chairman now retired, current chair and MP only got the gigs off post office and Southampton partner already got his partnership and Massive bonus .

Anonymous 22 November 23 19:17

Predictable down voting of all negative or gender critical comments. Hi WBD’s marketing team 👋

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