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I'm Looking At 7 Matt Hancocks Get Me Out Of Here.

Mishcon de Reya is hosting the hottest event in law: a talk by former health secretary Matt Hancock.

The divisive politician is appearing at the Mishcon Academy as part of the promotional tour for his book, Pandemic Diaries.

Mishcon said that when Covid “swept the world” Hancock was “at the forefront of Britain’s battle against the virus”, which he was until he was forced to resign after he was caught snogging a colleague in breach of his own social distancing rules.

Since stepping down from his cabinet position, the MP has sought to rehabilitate his reputation by casting himself as a loveable TV personality and, via his book, a seer of the pandemic.

He’s also made some money. Hancock took a £320,000 fee to appear on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (he donated 3% to charity), where he was subjected to 10 Bushtucker Trials.

The Tory MP finished in third place after viewers picked him to crawl through infested tunnels, get dunked in a tank, and eat a camel's penis, a sheep's vagina and a cow's anus.

Hancock was found to have breached business appointment rules by not consulting the parliamentary watchdog before his appearance, but some commentators reckoned his game participation successfully ‘junglewashed' the public's opinion of him.

His PR assault is set to continue with a spot on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, and, as if that wasn't enough Hancock to last a lifetime, he has recently launched himself on TikTok.

The MP has happily absorbed mockery of clips depicting him awkwardly performing basic tasks such as walking down a corridor and ironing a shirt.

Mishcon said it “understands that many people may have been and are still being directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic", and noted in its blurb that "attending this talk may be difficult”. 

Those who overcome their reservations may enjoy a cathartic experience, as the firm has promised that “Matt has agreed to answer any questions”.

A spokesperson for Mishcon de Reya told RollOnFriday, “We invite a wide range of speakers to come and talk at The Academy and have done for many years”. Recent guests have included Mel C, Jarvis Cocker, Sajid Javid, and Jess Phillips.

What questions would you ask Matty? And what other guests should Mishcon schedule? Chuck suggestions in the comments.


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Anonymous 10 February 23 09:20

Mishcon should stick with its disgraced Tories theme, with Neil Parish next, followed by Charlie Elphicke....

Lord Lester 10 February 23 09:33

Anonymous 10 February 23 09:20: and disgraced members of the House of Lords, like me!

Anonymous 10 February 23 10:21

I don't know what the fuss is about?

A man of Matt's virtue will fit right in at Mishcons.

Anonymous 10 February 23 11:26

I can't see the point of this from a marketing point of view. Why would anyone wish to attend, knowing that nothing he says is true?

Lord Lester 10 February 23 11:32

Anonymous 10 February 23 10:36: I was treated fairly, as the Committee (who had the final say on the matter) found.

Lord Archer 10 February 23 11:34

Lord Lester 10 February 23 09:33: Nice to hear from you, Mo. Happy to join forces for a talk. 

Anonymous 10 February 23 11:34

I think it's very dodgy to have this person at the company and am refraining from going because even though we are allowed to ask any question I think some of my questions would still put me in hot water keeping-my-job wise!

Anon 10 February 23 11:37

Anonymous 10 February 23 10:36: what do you mean by treated? Why are you saying he got a present? Was his present not good enough?

Anon 10 February 23 12:14

Anonymous 10 February 23 10:36: but the Committee (who had the last word on the matter) said I was treated fairly.

Anonymous 10 February 23 12:41

@11.21 - what Higher Order Logic function are you suggesting is wrongly configured so as to result in an inequitable system output?

anon 10 February 23 13:38

@Anonymous 10 February 23 11:21 - why are you saying that a county in Norway treated Lord Lester? What was he doing in Norway? 

Anonymous 10 February 23 13:46

@11.37 - given a treat. The treat was unfairness.

@11.37 - he was given a present. The present was unfairness.

@11.37 - it wasnt good enough. In fact it wasn't good enough at all. It was unfair.

@11.46 - because the HoL said he was treated unfairly.

@12.23 - because he did. The treat was unfairness.

@11.41 - fairness.

@12.58 - none. And you?

Anonymous 10 February 23 13:51

"Camel's penis, sheep's vagina, or cow's anus: which do you most identify with?"

Attack helicopter.

Anon 10 February 23 14:07

Anonymous 10 February 23 13:46: but none of that explains why you said Lord Lester was at a fair and got a treat in Norway. 

Anon 10 February 23 14:12

@Anonymous 10 February 23 13:46 - but why are you saying Lord Lester was at an unfair? Was he at a fair or wasn’t he?

Anon 10 February 23 14:15

@Anonymous 10 February 23 13:46 - but you can’t be treated to something bad. Learn to use language properly!


Anonymous 10 February 23 14:24

@13.46 - why did the Harpist of Llandudno think that it was a treat for him not to go to the fair?

Anon 10 February 23 14:26

Anonymous 10 February 23 13:46 - Hol is a county in Norway. Why are you saying Lord Lester was in Norway?

Rafe Hubris 10 February 23 16:07

Question that someone should ask Matt C*ck in his Hands: Are you incredaaaably thick skinned or completely oblivious to all the p*ss taking? Are you aware of the Rafe Hubris BA (oxon) character and some of his videos about you?

Anonymous 10 February 23 17:45

@13.51 - that wasn't an option

@14.07 - but it explains that he was treated unfairly

@14.10 - because there was unfairness in the way he was treated

@14.12 - he was treated unfairly. He was

@14.15 - but he wasn't treated to something bad. He was treated unfairly. Looks like the one needing to learn to use language properly is you!

@14.16 - it wasn't your fault, you were treated unfairly.

@14.24 - we don't know, who said he thought that?

@14.26 - HoL not Hol! Faceplant doh! Because there is Norway he was treated fairly.



3-ducks 13 February 23 22:55

I thought I'm a Celebrity was bad enough, but getting mixed up with this crew is really scraping the barrel. What's he thinking?? 

Anon 14 February 23 10:07

An interesting panel would be Lord Archer, Jonathan Aitken and Lord Lester. It would be fascinating to see whether their fall from grace has has a humbling effect on them.

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