09 May 2018
This week's bonkers law website takes a 'more is more' approach by sending drones down the Thames and bathing its site in interactive liquid smoke.

Visitors to Whitestone Chambers' new site are greeted by a message surrounded by symbols and annotations which give it the delightfully retro flavour of a DVD menu.

A wheel in the top corner of the page doesn't do anything other than continuously turn (what kind of moron would have something like that on their site?), while the slogan is more Assassin's Creed than barristers' set. 

Moving the mouse reveals just how much leeway the designers were given. Nudge right and the cursor sends a black wave rippling across the screen. Head left and the mouse becomes a white comet. Clicking triggers a miniature explosion in the inky seascape. Play yourself.

Only the barristers' actual profiles are dull, despite the glossy flight down the Thames which precedes them.

But rest assured the briefs are all excellent lawyers, although the site prefers steelworkers.

Meanwhile, the recruitment section could double as the opening credits for 'Job Hunting with Jack the Ripper'.

The sole slip-up the site makes is with some of its drafting, which is most apparent in its section on drafting.

A round of noir applause for Whitestone. If you've seen a bonkers site, write in.
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Anonymous 11 May 18

The smoke effect has a distinct Harry Potter vibe going on. Definitely designed by a Hufflepuff judging from the rest of the website...

Anonymous 25 Jun 18

Creating compaies????? Always best to use the spell checker when highlighting one’s drafting skills!

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