Although the weekend started overcast (hence my black collage - a colour I had been resisting doing on its own as I was worried it could look too oppressive), it very quickly warmed up and many of my week’s colour choices represented my response to these Summer-like conditions.  Hence zesty greens, citrus, cooling whites and what I like to think of as Mediterranean blues.

My niece the other day asked if I could create a collage themed around animals.  Given this is not a colour, I have instead tried to include the odd animal reference in some of the collages, mainly in the form of sculptures (a real animal may appear one day), where I can.  I was not expecting however, to find a black filly-size horse sculpture in someone’s front garden where there was only about 1.5m between the fence and the house (it did allow me to get a good close-up shot)!  

My brother and sister-in-law are big fans of VWs so I must admit I keep a lookout for them in any form and you will see this brand popping up often in my collages as a nod to them both in New Zealand.