For some time, Michael Wolkind QC of 2 Bedford Row has been running a website heralding himself as the UK's Top Barrister:



Wolkind backs up his claim to be the heir apparent to George Carman QC with some hard hitting client testimonials:



  The website also includes an "About Me" section where some of Wolkind's gags are better than others:


... Round of applause



... Smattering of laughs

... Silence. Wolkind taps the microphone, "Is this thing on?"


Whilst RollOnFriday has enjoyed browsing through Wolkind's website (at least parts of it), senior members of the judiciary have not taken the same view. In a court of appeal judgment, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd said "our attention was drawn to Mr Wolkind's personal website. We were surprised at its content and tone". And not surprised in a good way. The Lord Chief Justice added that the matter would be referred to the Bar Standards Board to determine whether the site is "within the proper bounds of professional conduct for a member of the bar, particularly one who has had since 1999 the status of being one of Her Majesty's Counsel". That goldfish joke must have really tanked.

It is not known whether the Bar Standards Board will also be taking a look at a LinkedIn profile under Wolkind's name, which may or may not have been set up by the UK's top barrister:


Although Wolkind's website is under review by the Bar Standards Board, it falls just short of the standard required to make it a truly bonkers website.



Anonymous 14 January 16 15:58

I note that, according to his website, he's a bereavement counsellor for Marie Curie Hospice.

The mind boggles.

Anonymous 14 February 17 22:13

Michael Wolkind.
Mr Wolkind does have an impressive list of acquittals regarding serious crime and there can be no doubt of that if one looks at the available facts.In 2007 Mr Wolkind took on a murder case involving a family member and I scrutinised his methodology to consider it's merits.Mr Wolkind sails close to the wind and in some respects is unorthodox..However,as a direct result of his unorthodox stratagy,an acquittal followed.Perhaps he does overstate his powers but there can be no doubt,his acquittal rates in serious crime cases are high.