The man sacked from Asda for sharing the Billy Connolly video

Gives me such a sad whenever I think about it

I would boycott Asda except tbh I don't shop there anyway 

He got sacked for sharing it AND listing his employer.  He was perfectly free to share what he wanted without identifying the employer.

Not that I agree with the decision, but it is an important distinction.

He should be in prison.

We must have even more zero-ier tolerance against The Phobia than we currently have. 

It is literally the worst crime that has ever existed.

wait a minute


are ASDA saying that national treasure and comedy legend Billy Conolly is [Insert Ist]???!!!



I mean companies Wang on about how we all have to be proud to work for them

Obviously this guy was

Fuck religious sentiment and fuck asda

If I was him and I was an atheist, I'd bring a claim for discrimination on grounds of religious belief.  

I wish he would but he just seems sad about his job and the sociability. I mean you can't go back to how things were. 

I hope that head office person gets his.

Did u capitalise that to draw me in?

ps what is the story why does no cvnt link any more

I have read the story now. 

What a load of crap he should sue. 


Oh, right: well a bigot who worked for Asda shared a "comedy" clip of another bigot (this one quite famous and well known and Scottish) saying something less than 100% complimentary about The Religion Of Peace. Except it wasn't about TROP, as he was talking about terrorists, and everyone knows that terrorism has no religion, and The Religion Of Peace has NOTHING to do with terrorists, and vice versa.

Anyway, someone was justifiably offended, complained to Asda, and the man was fired. As in, released from his job, rather than set on fire, or fired from a cannon, or something.

The man was fired because he stated "Asda employee" on his Facebook profile, so when he posted the vile, hateful content, millions of people thought "sweet merciful Allah, that represents Asda's official values! I shall never shop there again!". Clearly, Asda had to move swiftly and decisively to counter this potentially fatal public relations snafu, and I think everyone can agree that what they have done is the very best, win/win outcome for all parties. Yes sirree. 

And now everyone is so overjoyed at their sacking of this "man" that EVERYONE, nay, even unto the Morrisons cultists, is shopping at Asda.

Complaints procedure ackbar!

Now I know he's a grandad and disabled I've changed my mind completely.

The only thing I like about Asda is that they make their external lawyers go and work on the shop floor for a day as a condition of being on their panel.  Which meant my CUNT of a supervising partner had to do just that (which she moaned about bigly), wearing a "happy to help" badge.  HEH.

Yeah wtf @ the "disabled grandad" deadline.

What's wrong with "man sacked from ASDA"?

Disabled Grandad Who Gives To Charity And Is Kind To Animals And Always Calls His Mum Every Week 

I think the point is that the greeter jobs are basically for people who can't get any other work so they have left him high and dry.

Does being a grandad limit your employability?  Didn't know that.

You work in employment law and were unaware of the statistics on re-employment after the age of 55?



No, but being foolish enough to put where you work on your Facebook profile probably does.

Grandad evidently being a tabloid euphemism for old dude

I don't know, among the tabloid readership a grandad could be any man over the age of 30.

They send people to all these corporate branding sessions and brainwash them into constantly banging on about the brand

Of course he put it on his Facebook profile

It's a disingenuous distinction 

Am now going to Google what else is in the Asda group

If you are going to put where you work on your Facebook profile then you are best not using it to say or share anything that could potentially be a sackable offence.

Rhamnousia26 Jun 19 15:05

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You work in employment law and were unaware of the statistics on re-employment after the age of 55?



However if age was the issue, it should have been "disabled elderly man" rather than "disabled grandad".  As I'm sure you're aware, it's perfectly possible to be a grandparent in your mid-to-late thirties and onwards.

I don't think any normal person would consider that a sackable offence

And as I already said, they keep on at you to live the brand in retail

They can't have it both ways. Are you proud or ashamed?

And as I am sure you are aware the tabs prefer the vernacular where possible

Grandad is vernacular for old

People who have 30 yr old grandads (a) think 30 is old and (b) are likely to be economically disadvantaged and excluded in much the same way as elderly people if not moreso

It is clearly shorthand for guy with no prospects gets fucked by twatty managers

I think most people are just collecting a pay cheque and should be mindful of the fact that the company will drop them if expedient and that they are not being paid to extol the virtues of the Asda brand outside of working hours.

Given that most employers have a "no social media during working hours" policy and that outside of working hours you are supposed to be on your own time, the only people who should be gushing about their employer on social media are the people being paid to run their social media accounts.

Do most employers have that policy? Everywhere I have worked has actively encouraged use of it. 

It is clearly shorthand for guy with no prospects gets fucked by twatty managers

Say it then.  It's wank.  

Lots of employers have a policy that they should not use their company name on their personal social media, yes.


Yes, because social media is part of being informed about the world. People use social media a lot more than the library.

I mean lawyers get awards for their personal social media accounts

I think a lot of what I posted on my social media accounts during my previous job was probably a sackable offence.

I bet a couple of minutes googling would disprove the efficacy of that policy if it does indeed exist

Am reminded of that CMS solicitor who literally went on question time to say brexit and Scottish independence are both great

Probably, Anna, but on the plus side it's really hard to find the process for anything

OFC some employers actively promote their employees' use of social media.  This is usually carefully managed and coordinated by a whole media team.

Walmart perhaps sees less value in associating its brand with 100,000 random minimum wagers than Allen & Overy does getting its carefully branded messages out through its senior partners' LinkedIn operated by someone else.

Rhamnousia26 Jun 19 15:21

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I bet a couple of minutes googling would disprove the efficacy of that policy if it does indeed exist

Crack on then mate.

Haha have you met solicitors? They just do their own thing and if they're in the in gang they get away with murder (or at least with saying brexit is great on national TV)

Probably, Anna, but on the plus side it's really hard to find the process for anything

Also I was probably fairly unsackable. Not that I wanted to put it to the test.

Pink there are like six thousand examples at m&s alone

And how many of them have brought M&S into disrepute?

How does posting a clip of a National Treasure which is approved for UK public broadcast bring Asda into disrepute? 

No reasonable employer should view it as a gross misconduct issue. 


Loving that Shooty mentioned Morrisons as a legit jihadi used to work at the Morrisons near where I previously lived in the UK. Much like Asda, this did not represent the views of Morrisons.

Wibble FOAD I did specifically say above I didn't agree with the decision.  I reckon he didn't have 2 years' service.

You said that ftse100 tell staff not to use the firm name on social media. They clearly do as a matter of course. Your particular area has special reasons not to but consumer goods in particular want the name out there.

I don't agree that he brought the company into disrepute. The manager who spied on him did.

Soz but FTSE 100 (or anyone serious or big) absolutely does not want random staff associating their social media with their employer, given what goes on on social media and the reputational risks involved

I totally agree with you on all points.  I don't agree with Asda.

But this kind of policy clearly deters most people from any risk of linking the brand to something which will turn viral and damage their reputation.  Clearly this has probably caused them more damage than if they hadn't sacked him in terms of the general public.  But if they hadn't, they may have faced race / religion discrim claims from the employees who reported him.

And I can't find any occasion where M&S has had a similar incident with an employee of theirs bringing their brand down by being a massive racist or summit.