The University of Law has binned its Bar Professional Training Course in favour of a new, cheaper version called the Barrister Practise Course, hot on the heels of BPP.

Unlike BPP, however, ULaw has revealed how much it is charging. 

Taking the BPC at its Bloomsbury campus will cost students £13,000, while outside of London ULaw's new course will cost £11,750 at its branches in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham. Several thousand pounds have been shaved off the price of the ULaw BPTC, which had reached £18,735 in London and £15,485 elsewhere.


"Only £13,000? We can train twice!" 

Legal education providers have been busy rebuilding their barrister courses following the Bar Standards Board's review of the area, which decided that the existing, costly method of qualifying via a BPTC should be replaced with a range of possible ‘training pathways’.

BPP and The Inns of Court College of Advocacy, which was the first to unveil its course, have both opted to divide their programme into two parts, with students under no obligation to purchase part two. At the ICCA, part one is entirely online and can be studied remotely.

ULaw's course will not be divisible. But, it said, its BPC would be “more tailored and flexible”, as well as more accessible, than the BPTC, with part-time and full-time options. Jacqueline Cheltenham, ULaw's BPC national programme director, said students would have options to "fit around their life where needed”. Excitingly, ULaw will also have "new exclusive access to the learning and revision app Synap", an innovation which will apparently make training to be a barrister "more interactive and engaging than ever before". Than. Ever. Before.

None of the new courses proposed by ICCA, Ulaw or BPP have been approved by the BSB yet, but if they are (and if the ICCA finishes building its venue in time) they are set to go live in autumn 2020. 

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