The University of Law will take students' temperatures and let them campus-hop once its physical premises re-open in September.

ULaw students will be scanned with "special thermo-cameras" when they enter the site, and if they can't attend, for example due to a local lockdown or the presence of a toxic ex, they can study online or attend another site. 

Both ULaw and BPP are introducing a range of other measures to help keep their seats of learning rona free. Students will be expected to obey social distancing and one way systems, while the universities will have installed hand sanitiser stations, placed piles of wipes by photocopiers and erected perspex screens in receptions, libraries and student service offices. Roving gangs of cleaners will also be a feature, demolishing germs before they can be passed from door knob to White Book to mouth.


Releasing the plans was a mistake.

Professor Andrea Nollent, Vice-Chancellor and CEO of ULaw, said, “It is understandably a worrying time for students who are set to begin their studies at one of our campuses in September. That’s why we introduced our Study Guarantee, which promises students that even if our campuses aren’t able to open, or if they cannot travel there for whatever reason, their studies won’t be affected and they will be able to begin their university life as planned".

'As planned', except they can't touch anyone, sneeze without getting ostracised, or pass a classroom and be able to walk back to it.

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