Lambo Lavac

Ladies - there's a banterific bazza in town

An Australian barrister is in a legal battle with transport authorities over his "offensive" number plate.

Peter Lavac, a former Hong Kong crown prosecutor, has prosecuted and defended in almost 100 murder trials from white-collar corporate criminals to triad gangsters in Hong Kong and motorcycle outlaws in Australia. 

But Lavac is now taking on the New South Wales transport authorities who have ordered that he return the "offensive" number plate on his Lamborghini which reads "LGOPNR" i.e. "leg opener" (fnarr fnarr).

Following a complaint, the transport authorities sent Lavac a letter ordering him to return the plates within 18 days.

It has been reported elsewhere that Lavac managed to successfully challenge the order in a local court. However, Tara McCarthy, Transport for NSW safety, environment and regulation deputy secretary told RollOnFriday that this was not true: "The decision to recall the offensive number plates was not overturned at court. It was held there was no jurisdiction for the court to determine an appeal."

McCarthy said the decision "for the plates to be revoked still stands" and "if the number plates are not returned Transport for NSW will suspend the registration of the vehicle."

The NSW transport authorities have previously rejected plates which included AW55HT, SHI33T, 8ITCH, HU55Y, 4P1AY, 86PORN, as they were deemed to be offensive.

"I resent anyone who's trying to violate my freedom of speech and expression," Lavac said in an interview about the plates. "They [the number plates] are meant to be humorous, tongue-in-cheek, funny and entertaining. That is how most people find them when it's explained to them." He added that it was "tough shit" to anyone who found the number plates offensive. 

The barrister said he chose the number plates to "take the piss out of himself" after some friends suggested it would refer to his supposed playboy reputation, according to a report

In the UK, RollOnFriday recently spotted "Writ Boy" in Temple. At least some barristers are still coining it despite Covid:

writ boy

For aficionados of car registrations, there's more here.

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Too Innocent for this World 25 September 20 08:34

Just looked it up and am very surprised - I always thought a leg-opener was just a really big fart...

Trevor Mealham 25 September 20 08:55

As a LIP and former stakeholder adviser on property fraud and MLD who's faced Lloyds Banks lawyers and barristers 13 times in COURT and shown they have lied and used false instruments in the respect of the "Bait & Switch" fraud they have done. On winning I may buy them the plate: T055ER5

Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson 25 September 20 08:58


Wonder if he wants to be UK Attorney General.  We'll have a vacancy soon.

The Virgin Mary 25 September 20 09:28

Obviously just being a bit slow as my morning vodka hasn’t kicked in, but what is AW55HT meant to say?

Anonymous 25 September 20 10:44

Yeah - I cannot have been the only one to read that as "Lego Porner". As someone who has stood on his child's Lego on the stairs, I can firmly connect Lego with the word "F*CK!"

Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson 27 September 20 23:46

Must get Michael Green to get me one.

I think I'd like it to say P3N15

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