Jones Day seems to have a habit of attracting flash cars with unusually telling number plates.

There was the solicitor who needs to be reminded what he does for a job:


Then there was the trainee on his first day in the office (who parked in a disabled bay):


And then there was a humble client:


But forget the forgetful lawyer, the trainee Boss and the client Gods, this has to be who staff have been most pleased to welcome to the office:




Anonymous 14 July 17 10:56

This speaks volumes about the men who work there - the stupid car registrations and the chauffeurs is a Gouldens old guard thing. The old dogs - and I use that term advisedly - have systematically eliminated all but two of the legacy Jones Day partners (who were actually much nicer people) which were there at the merger in 2003.

Anonymous 14 July 17 11:14

Having worked there as a young woman, I would not wish my experiences there on anyone...

Anonymous 17 July 17 18:26

A1 LAW is Carlos' car. Touch the paintwork and he'll have your cojones in a vice.