Conversely, nobody gets that jealous when they spot the orange Rofmobile

A Baines Wilson partner enraged sacked support staff, by turning up to work in a flashy new sports car, RollOnFriday has been told.  

Knights purchased Baines Wilson in June. As RollOnFriday reported back then, the firm's founder John Wilson, who was serving as a consultant at the time of the sale, wasn’t impressed with the cull of staff that followed the sale.

A source has now told RollOnFriday that an employment partner at Baines Wilson who had signed off on the sale, “sold up” and showed off the money he had pocketed as he “rolled into work in a newly purchased bright orange McLaren sports car," which "needless to say” went down “like a truly golden turd.”

RollOnFriday contacted Knights, but the firm declined to comment. 

As previously reported, John Wilson had said in a LinkedIn post that he was "particularly saddened that all the support staff" were made redundant. Including his wife. “This is very much NOT how I hoped things would work out – but it has,” he said. 

“First thing they do - lay all support people off. Nice touch”, said a source, shortly after Knights acquired Baines Wilson.  A Knights spokesperson said at the time that "due to the duplication of support staff roles" there had been "a reduction in those roles following the acquisition".

Partners splashing their cash on expensive cars is not uncommon at law firms; but to turn up to work in a new, showy sports car when you've just shafted your staff seems to be tactless.

It's not the first time something like this has happened in the legal world: when Hill Dickinson won the Golden Turd in 2016  several staff described the unfortunate contrast of senior management buying "some very expensive cars" a fortnight before announcing more job cuts, with one suggesting, "They live on a different planet". Although Hill Dicks seems to have cleaned up its act since then and managed to avoid winning the Golden Turd again.

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Brampton Beaver 04 August 23 08:48

An orange McLaren, really? There are cheaper ways to mask your shortcomings, maybe just stuff some socks down your trousers - it would be cheaper and more subtle.

Anonymous 04 August 23 09:49

"A Baines Wilson partner enraged sacked support staff, by turning up to work in a flashy new sports car, RollOnFriday has been told."

Serves them right for hanging around in the car park.

Should have been down the Job Centre not malingering around the bins at their former place of work.

Jed 04 August 23 12:38

An orange McClaren? There are much cheaper ways to tell people that you have a small package

Scep Tick 04 August 23 13:24

tbf orange - well, papaya - is the iconic McLaren racing colour. 

Looks a bit weird on the littlun’s pushchair though. 

Knight rider 04 August 23 14:34

Throwing disgusting levels of money at t**ts like this for his high street firm whilst the rest get below average pay rises. Get out while you can

Anonymous 04 August 23 14:47

Oh dear. Does the ex partner in question not have someone at home to give him guidance on what is and isn’t appropriate in the circumstances? Silly man. 

Windermere Way 04 August 23 14:50

Small D**k Energy as my kids say. Hope the staff made redundant have all found new jobs. It’s a difficult climate for those with jobs never mind being made redundant and then having to see things like this. Very tasteless. 

Anonymous 04 August 23 14:54

Is anyone from the area surprised? Baines Wilson lost its good name long ago. It was like a revolving door of personnel. Perhaps this is an indication as to why - fish rot from the head sadly. 

Balance 04 August 23 17:15

Whilst not a very emotionally sensitive, why does buying a top of the lime sports car have to do with the size of his manhood?  The guy’s rich, why not buy it? Too many green eyed monsters here. Enjoy driving around in your clapped out Fiats.

Photographer 1981 04 August 23 18:14

The act of buying an orange McClaren tells you all you need to know about the guy. He hardly wanted to go under the radar with it did he. Brave move in such a small area. Money does bizarre things to people. 

Unbalanced 04 August 23 18:21

I’m not sure any of the comments are from a place of jealousy but rather shock that someone can pull a stunt so lacking in morality and awareness. It’s emotionally insensitive at best. Buy the car but don’t rub it in the faces of the staff who lost their jobs in the midst of an economic crisis and the remaining staff who no doubt lost some long term colleagues. The clapped out Fiat comment stinks of new money. 

Anonymous 04 August 23 18:45

I imagine the staff left at Baines Wilson are used to this level of fu*kery from the partners now. 

Carlisle One 05 August 23 12:43

Can’t be much change left from the sale after that purchase. We are talking about a small firm in the back end of nowhere. It’s hardly City levels. Ego driven. “The guy is rich” lol, calm down big spender. 

Yeah right 05 August 23 18:25

If this guy tried to offer any words of support to those being made redundant or worse, tried to suggest it wasn’t his/their decision and he/they were just as upset as everyone else, those words will have became entirely baseless the second he pulled up in that car. I thought lawyers were supposed to be intelligent?! 

Knight of flowers 08 August 23 06:54

Just following the management example and getting stuck in to the “great culture”. There’s no hierarchy at Knights but there’s always somewhere to put my Bentley and the Mrs’ when she pops in 

Anonymous 08 August 23 11:25

What an absolute tool.  Small man syndrome I'm guessing.  Bet he sticks out like a luminous badger's ar*e in Carlisle driving that thing.

Anon 08 August 23 20:01

I knew a ops director that spent all morning on the Porsche configuration web page , left his desk to officially announce redundancies to a whole team and came straight back to finish his selection.  He turned up a few weeks later in the new car. 

Anonymous 08 August 23 23:29

Knights has got to be univestible.  Every single week there’s some idiocy which confirms it’s badly run. No wonder the share price languishes. 

Anonymous 09 August 23 12:21

Just had a peek on Companies House.  There are only 4 male partners in the frame.

I wonder which one it is? 

The year of fun 09 August 23 18:40

It’s more fun for some than it is for others!  The former support staff aren’t having a lot of fun.

Anonymous 10 August 23 23:42

Even without sacking the support staff I’d be frightened somebody would key it.


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