The partner allegedly took a similar tack to 'room-for-sex' landlords. (This pic's a mock-up, btw.)

Clifford Chance has fired a partner in its Perth office for “serious misconduct”.

The Magic Circle firm said that when it received complaints about the partner it “immediately” suspended him and launched an internal investigation.

“That investigation has now concluded and has resulted in the partner’s termination from the firm”, said a CC spokesperson.

A source told RollOnFriday that the probe was triggered by more than five reports of sexual misconduct which included allegations that the partner offered “advancement and promotion in return for sexual favours”.

The firm declined to comment on that aspect and the partner, who was sacked on 13 June and whom ROF is not identifying, did not respond to a request for comment.

Clifford Chance’s Global Managing Partner Charles Adams said, “We deeply regret what happened and that our colleagues were affected”.

“We’ve offered and continue to make available our full support to these colleagues. I want to thank them for speaking up and to reassure everyone at the firm of our commitment to a workplace where they are respected, and where misconduct of any kind is completely unacceptable, and will be robustly addressed”, he said.

Clifford Chance Asia Pacific Managing Partner Connie Heng said, “We recognise the gravity of the situation and are fully committed to learning from this experience and promoting a working environment where everyone is safe and respected, and where misconduct of any kind is called out”.

She said the firm had engaged Australian sex discrimination and workplace consultants Elizabeth Broderick & Co to review the culture at its Australian offices, stating that it “provides high-level strategic analysis, assessment, advice, and planning to organisations wishing to strengthen their workplace culture”.

The firm is understood to have reported the matter to Australian and UK authorities.

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Ex-Perth Insider 05 July 24 09:53

If taking action ‘immediately’ means acting years after the behaviour in question became an issue, then yes, CC acted ‘immediately’. Everyone in Western Australia knew about this partner’s behaviour but the firm was happy to turn a blind eye until people started threatening to pursue legal action. To be honest, I’m not surprised - CC’s Australian offices are widely known to be a toxic shitshow.

Anonymous 05 July 24 10:24

"allegations that the partner offered “advancement and promotion in return for sexual favours”"

Another of these silly threads in which everyone pretends to be surprised at this kind of thing.

Like, of course he did. It's pretty much the only perk of the job. 

Why else would you spend all that time grinding out a job as a partner at some massive grey law firm if you couldn't then spend at least five hours a week bouncing fetching young associates around in your office? It wouldn't make sense.

Literally nobody would bother if  that wasn't part of the package. I don't know why we all pretend to be shocked at something we all know to be true.

Labour supporter 05 July 24 10:49

It was hard not to feel the cathartic cleanse. Perhaps CC should shut the Perth office and send their associates to Sydney instead.

Question Man 05 July 24 12:01

Can we be sure that 'advancement and promotion' were credibly on offer at the Perth office of Clifford Chance? 

The trustworthiness of these complaints is highly suspect if it emerges that it is a backwater in the bum-end of nowhere at which no reasonable human could have realistically imagined that they would achieve anything of note, isn't it?

Anonymous 05 July 24 15:15

@10:27 - They have a Perth office because it’s one of the biggest markets for mining and resources. Most of the big resources/project work is locked away with Ashurst, HSF, Gilbert+Tobin but there’s a big market for the side work that comes off the industry - arbitration, tax, trusts etc. That work is usually driven from their contract or regulatory compliance that needs someone acting independently.

In saying that, CC is a small operator compared to those others in Perth. 

Question Man 05 July 24 15:49

@15.15 - is there evidence for that? Has anyone ever actually been to 'Perth' to check whether any mining is really going on there?

Anonymous 05 July 24 16:24

When will they do the same in their Luxembourg office? Same stuff's been going on for years now.

Trainee 05 July 24 16:50

I wouldn't have reported him, especially if said partner was cute. Don't @ me. 

Trevor VIII 06 July 24 23:11

In fairness, a lot of US firms in London have resident sex pests - sex pests still at firm notwithstanding law settled law suits....

Atleast CC cleaned him out!

Anonymous 07 July 24 08:13

@ Beach Boy 05 July 24 11:26


They probably knew everything.   They'd rather keep their name out of press thanks, legal or otherwise.  Once he's out he's no longer their problem.  There will almost certainly be a few people at those firms quietly smiling into their morning cuppas tho.

Anon 08 July 24 10:27

Question Man 05 July 24 15:49 - the open mocking of the ghastly Question Man is amusing and much welcomed.

Lord Lester 08 July 24 10:31

Anonymous 07 July 24 08:25: unfortunately, the BSB had no jurisdiction to interfere (and therefore did not interfere) with the findings of the House of Lords that I sexually harassed Jasvinder Sanghera (a victim of forced marriage) and offered to procure her a peerage in exchange for sex.

No Answer Woman 08 July 24 21:05

He's a male who has been accused of something. Therefore he's guilty and anyone who says otherwise is sexist and acting in bad faith. 

Anon 09 July 24 13:27

No Answer Woman 08 July 24 21:05: except the CC partner has not just been accused - he’s been found to have committed the conduct complained of and sacked in light of that.

EagleHobo 10 July 24 05:41

Quoting "Jack the Lawyer" of our firm: 


"Perth has the comeliest maidens in all of Australia bar Brisbane. That being said, your choices beyond 25 are 1. maidens who resemble elephant skin sun afllicted "thumbs with eyes" and 2. 200 lbs HR catladies with problem glasses. The choices are real. The choices are choices. Does this give a partner seeking a lovely person who hasn't yet reached this stage of the life cycle of an Aussie woman?" Certainly not!"


Anonymus 10 July 24 08:55

I know him as well, for many many years now. He never occured to be non-adequate or in any way sexually harassing, neither at work nor outside. I actually quite enjoyed working with him and remember him as one of the best mentors I had.

Anon 10 July 24 10:54

Anon 08 July 24 10:27 - yes, it is very funny that he is being openly mocked, and of course entirely apt. We all hoped 2024 would be the year that Question Man sought much-needed psychiatric help. It seems as though he still has not done so.

No Answer Woman 10 July 24 22:19

Anon 09 July 24 13:27 - it doesn't matter if he's found or just accused. If he's male he's guilty.

Anon 11 July 24 06:55

I worked with him earlier in his career.  I am very surprised.  There was no any indication of inappropriate conduct as far as I could tell.

Anonymous 11 July 24 08:53

[email protected] - the BSB had jurisdiction, they used that jurisdiction and decided no action was required. The HoL made no such finding, rather they voted that you were treated unfairly, which you were.

anon 11 July 24 18:28

Anonymous 09 July 24 14:00 - nobody minds genuine questions, but not the bad faith nonsense spouted by Question Man.

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