An email alleged to have been sent by a partner in which she calls her associates poisonous, disrespectful, incompetent and moronic has surfaced on X. 

The partner, who is a practice head at a sizeable Indian firm, did not respond to requests for comment and RollOnFriday has not independently verified the authenticity of the email. 

It purports to show the partner berating her juniors after she “received a call from the case officer explaining how the math was completely wrong in the market share annexure” for the deal on which she and three of her associates were working.

“I apologised profusely to him but because we have been known for our impeccable work so far, the case team was embarrassed about even hearing our apologies”, the alleged email states.

“You 3 maharathis [warriors] have achieved what no one before you has - shame us and make us look like morons”, it said.

The trio's mistake was to break their supervisor's cardinal rule, according to the alleged email. “You know that my ask is limited - NEVER LET ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL. Not only are you a foolish bunch of associates, 2 of you believe that you are the cat's whiskers”, it said.

The alleged email then shows the partner addressing each of the three culprits’ failings in turn, while copying in ten other lawyers in her team.

“And now, on behaviour, it is high time I write this down so that you READ because when we READ, we REMEMBER”, said the alleged email.

First up was the worst offender.

“You poison the team with your so called sarcasm and passive aggressiveness directed at your seniors. You are insulting of your team-mates (and you have no reason to be, none at all), disrespectful, and carry the crowd against individuals who will not respond at the low level you play at/cannot respond to you", said the email.

The poetic diatribe continued, “You expect that we sing praises of your LONG hours at work. We would, if only the so called hours reflected in the content that we were in receipt of. We do sing praises of your colleagues - do you hear that song?”

The second associate didn’t get off much more lightly, and suffered the added indignity of being reprimanded for being a dim-witted henchman.

“You showed promise but are running yourself to the ground following in the footsteps of idiocy. Is this what you chose to be? Sniggering at the most inept comments against colleagues and friends and increasingly INCOMPETENT with your work. The joke could well be on you, my friend.”

According to the partner's alleged email, the third associate endured an in-person tongue lashing so was spared the full strength of her wrath.

“Since we spoke on Saturday, I will limit my comments. But surely, even you could take SOME responsibility for the work product you send in.”

The partner explained in the alleged email that she was humiliating the trio in front of their colleagues because some of the others “are witness to the incompetence, the cheek, the moronic lack of respect for partners (what makes you think you could get away with this in any professional setting?) and, I dare say, your inability to show decency to your colleagues”.

“For those of you who may express surprise at receiving this communication - let this be an example of the real me. You are either IN or OUT.”

One of the associates is alleged to have leaked the email on X where it has circulated widely. Going by her previous form, if the partner finds out who did it, her team will get to witness a tier of bollocking not yet witnessed by mortal man.

The firm did not respond to a request for comment.


Vicarious satisfaction for partners who can only dream of venting so openly at their team.

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casual observer 28 March 24 16:16

I personally enjoyed the partner calling their associate "INCOMEPETENT" in the screenshot of the email. 

The rot starts at the top...

Incomepetent 28 March 24 18:20

Trying to call someone incompetent whist being Incomepetent about it… the irony.

crust of bread 28 March 24 19:04

My  favourite is the "cats whiskers" comment. Will try and use that with our trainees in future ;)

To the casual observer 28 March 24 19:07

Quite right, it’s always the finer details that catch these sorts of partners out. Do as I say, not as I do.  

That being said, there are more than a few trainees and associates at my Firm who could do with such an email. 

struandirk 29 March 24 10:30

It’s authentic - it’s all over the Indian legal community. I believe she has apologised for it now that it has gone public, but I assume the associate who leaked it now has his card marked permanently in the firm. 

They must have deserved it 09 April 24 02:57

Tough love. There's not enough of it. They won't make the same mistake again that's for sure. Good training. 

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