Lawyer speaks her truth. But judge rules that recollections may vary.

An Indian lawyer who was catfished by a fake online account, brought a legal action against Prince Harry, believing he had promised to marry her.

Lawyer Palwinder Kaur filed a petition at the Punjab and Haryana High Court, claiming that Prince Harry had contacted her on social media and, after exchanging some correspondence, he'd asked for her hand in marriage.

But neither a wedding at St George's chapel, or a private garden wedding by the Archbishop of Canterbury followed the proposal.

Kaur requested Indian authorities issue an international arrest warrant to apprehend Prince Harry and compel him to fulfill his promise of marriage "without further delay."

The lawyer's petition was filed against "Prince Harry Middleton son of Prince Charles Middleton", highlighting that Kaur was unaware of the full name of her 'betrothed', or recent family politics. Kaur requested the UK police take action against Harry, as "despite a promise to marry the petitioner, the said promise has not been fulfilled."

Kaur told the court she had written to Prince Charles to inform him that she was engaged to Harry. But she admitted to the judge that she had never met the Duke. 

The judge ruled that there was no proof that Kaur had messaged Prince Harry. He said there were many fake profiles online (true), and the petition was "just a day-dreamer's fantasy about marrying Prince Harry". 

The High Court's decision, posted online by Live Law India, can be seen here:

Harry 01


Harry 02

Clearly, Kaur should have tried Lawyr instead.

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Anonymous 16 April 21 09:09

Someone should tell Piers Morgans about this.

Another broken family we can chalk up to that evil chancer, Meghan Markles and her american sex voodoo.

Anonymous 16 April 21 09:47


Wondering if a load of scammers will now email this gullible person purporting to have access to untold riches and part her from her money.

Access to justice 16 April 21 10:38

Amusing tale.

Not however, the in the Indian court system, there are few restrictions on filing such claims. The courts in general have no case management procedures in place and therefore all claims are entitled to be presumed meritorious unless examined/struck out. This waste of space petition took the time of a proper judge to decide/pronounce judgment. Some estimates of case backlog run to 20+ years.

Note also that this same court system  allows a couple of brainless individuals to form a so-called "Society of Indian Lawyers" (AGMs in a Chennai phone box) and bring a 'public interest' suit against a long list of foreign firms, including top UK law firms/Big4 accountancy firms to face claims of 'illegally practising Indian law'. Been pending decision for years. 

NaylandS 16 April 21 10:51

It's a bit dispiriting, as a member of a profession which trades on its attention to detail, to realise that it's possible to be a successful fake-marriage scammer despite pretending to be one of the most famously married men on Earth.

Anonymous 16 April 21 15:04

Does that mean those hot russian babes in my local area that are dying to meet me aren't real message?

Anonymous 17 April 21 10:39

Hardly a surprise.

Everyone wants a piece of Harry and Meghan.  Even the people publicly hating them are using them.

That's why William and Kate were so jealous they started briefing against them.  And now, even though they've gone, people still can't get let it go.

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