She's pleased, he looks like he might reject that firm.

Over 100 people a day are downloading LawyerUp, which aims to shake up legal recruitment by letting firms (and in-house employers) do all the work. 

Firms told ROF they want to reach people who aren’t actively looking, as well as motivated job hunters. They reckon they can make offers you can’t refuse, and the app lets them try. It’s designed for busy legal professionals who can think of a million other things they’d rather do before updating their CV, and who have fielded enough speculative, one-size-fits-all calls from recruiters to last a lifetime.

To complete the 20-second profile, people visited the App Store or Google Play, and selected the options that applied, not forgetting to pick the minimum salary they’d consider getting poached for. Now they can forget about it.

Whether they’re open to moving or perfectly content, the app means they don't have to do anything, and they’ll know straightaway when an employer has identified them as someone it wants for a role.

When they receive a notification, they either tap to give the employer their contact details so it can take things further, or, if they’re fine just knowing they're extremely desirable (always nice, particularly come pay review season), they flick it away.

The app gives employers a lightning-fast way to identify and alert candidates who fit their parameters. The gates open to them shortly, at which point phones will start pinging with tempting offers. 

Thanks to those who have offered feedback, in particular the requests to add their practice areas, allow the selection of multiple specialisms and jurisdictions, and stick in a text box so you can name your employer if it's not been listed. Updates will include all these rich improvements imminently. 

You can download LawyerUp on the App Store or Google Play.

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TheUndesirables 03 February 23 09:39

When is the app due to go live on the employers side?

Or is it already live, and I’m just re-living my tinder experience?

Jamie Hamilton 03 February 23 10:04

It's not you, Undesirable, don't worry: we're aiming to open it up at the end of next week.

Questioneer 09 February 23 20:08

Do I need to post my picture when signing up? If that is required I fear I’ll never get a successful match..

Jamie Hamilton 10 February 23 13:58

No pics (and your details are only released to a firm when you swipe to like their approach), though I've never seen evidence lawyers need to be gorge to fly high.

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