The gang in Millport, this week.

RollOnFriday is off for its traditional break during the dog days of August, but for you - for you there is no break.

We’ve dug up a potpourri of the silliest stories so far this year for you to enjoy from your sunlounger, including the owl firm and the lawyer with the infinite head.

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Anonymous 18 August 23 10:30

I had a match with a decent City competitor, but they haven’t taken it further, sadly.

Will wait for the market to pick up. 

ShootyOriginal 31 August 23 20:55


That must have been the Director's Cut. 

I don't remember a beach side dancing sequence with steel drums. Should probably watch it again to make sure. 

Pinot 31 August 23 22:32

Film Fan is of course correct.  That’s from the last scene in Carlito’s Way - my favourite film as it happens even though it didn’t really earn many plaudits when it was first released 

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